5 Kingdom Hearts Mini-Games That Definitely Should Have Happened

When is the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3? That’s the question most KH fans are clamoring about these days, but let’s be honest. At earliest, we have another 6 months until we get a release date. If you’re going stir crazy (like me), it might be time to replay the old games…or you can create crazy lists like the one below!  Here’s my list of top 5 mini-games we definitely should have gotten in Kingdom Hearts!

1. Organization XIII’s Musical Chairs

Organization VII base at the Castle that Never Was

Organization XIII has many secrets. The biggest, perhaps, is featured in Dream Drop Distance, when Organization XIII is featured sitting—no, perching—atop their thrones in the Castle That Never Was. While it’s a cool visual, the cutscenes left me wondering—how the heck did they get up there? Are there hidden ladders, or is the floor crest actually a trampoline? When Organization XIII throws house parties, do they ever play musical chairs?

*Cue platform jumping mini-game*

Not going to lie, that’s a game I’d like to see in KH3!

2. Donald Duck’s Pants Party

Donald Duck in pants as in Kingdom Hearts
For too long, children over the generations have been exposed to Donald’s down. It’s time we covered him up in a Duck Hunt style mini-game where the ammunition is, you guessed it, PANTS. Naturally, the closet of ammo would contain a variety of trendy styles. Cargo pants, disco shorts, and dad jeans would be a must in Donald’s Pants Party! Best of all, you can discover new varieties of pants in each world! Instead of just another Potion, imagine opening a chest to find golden hot pants.

3. Make Sea Salt Ice Cream

Sea Salt Ice Cream Kingdom Hearts

Instead of fusing equipment, let’s whip something up we really care about. Sea Salt Ice Cream! What if, for every ice cream bar you created, you got closer to unlocking additional cutscenes featuring Roxas, Axel, and Xion indulging in their favorite treat around Twilight Town? *squee*

The best part, of course, would be getting an OFFICIAL recipe. Fun Fact: Dashing Nerds did try to make Sea Salt Ice Cream this summer, but that perfect amount of salt is really tough to figure out.

4. Find the Peanut with Jack Sparrow

My Peanut

Kingdom Hearts is full of secret boss encounters and collectibles. What if, in each world, there existed a hidden peanut. Not just any peanut. Jack Sparrow’s peanut! Once you spot it, you’ll be thrown into a mini-game where you must battle Capt. Jack Sparrow for the prize. If you lose, Jack gets to reclaim his wayward nut!

I’ve honestly always felt that the Pirates of the Caribbean world featured in Kingdom Hearts 2 was a little too dark for the lighthearted tone of the series, but a humorous mini-game like this would be the perfect fit!

5. Sora Dating Simulator

It’s no secret that Kingdom Hearts fans get a little passionate about their fan fiction and character ships. There is an entire Wiki section dedicated to exploring ships of every variety, a few of which I’ve listed below:

  • RokuNami-Roxas and Naminé (Obvi)
  • RokuShi-Roxas and Xion
  • SoKai-Sora and Kairi (Even I ship this)
  • SoNami-Sora and Naminé
  • Sorariel-Sora and Ariel (What about Eric???)
  • SoXion-Sora and Xion
  • SoRiku-Sora and Riku (DUH)
  • Terraqua-Terra and Aqua

Source: http://shipping.wikia.com/wiki/Kingdom_Hearts

With all this “fanon”, there’s no question a dating simulator-style mini-game would be a big hit with the fanbase. Plus, Kingdom Hearts has some of the best potential date settings ever. Imagine flying with your crush in Neverland, or watching a few matches at the Coliseum together! Or you can feed your bad date to Monstro the whale! I’d definitely play this mini-game all day.

Don’t judge me! >.<

Which Kingdom Hearts mini-game would you try? Sound off in the comment section below! If you’re looking for more Kingdom Hearts content, I’ll be streaming with The Gorge Podcast on Twitch with Ben this Friday! Thanks for reading!


Written by: Darling Otaku

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