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Far Cry Primal

Hello Nerds! This week I had the pleasure to step back into a simpler time where there was no electricity, indoor plumbing, and all it took to ride my very own saber-tooth tiger was some meat bait and going “shh” as I made hand gestures at it. As someone who has


Autobots Roll Out!­ Transformers Devastation Review

I’m what you would call a collector. Over the years I have acquired over 100 Transformers figures and countless pieces of paraphernalia. I’m a fanboy; any time something Transformers related comes out, I’m normally the first to get it, see it, or play it. So when the new game was announced by Platinum and I saw that first piece of cell shaded art, I couldn’t wait. This seemed to be the game that would take the series back to its roots and it did just that.


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