A Fresh Set of Eyes- FPS Gaming Glasses by Gunnar and Razer

In a past life, when I wrote for a different gaming website, I once reviewed a pair of Desmo glasses by Gunnar. Gunnar makes not only glasses used for gaming but for computer use in general, aiming to lessen eye fatigue and improve performance in both you work and game life. Recently, I reached out to see what was new in the eye wear landscape and they said they had just the pair for me.

Three days later a box showed up on my doorstep and inside was a slick new pair of shades, the FPS, designed by Razer. Razer, as most of you already know, have been making professional grade gaming equipment since 2005. From opening the box and trying on the pair, to using them in my daily life, the FPS have made a marginal difference in not just my gaming, but also in my professional life.

The Fit and Style

The biggest difference between FPS and the Desmo, which I had reviewed previously, is the fit and the style. The new pair forms to your head. The bands (the part that keeps the glasses on your head) slightly flex to perfectly fit on the sides of your head. They have a thin frame and slightly smaller lenses that make them suitable for use outside of you gaming life. I was told many times while wearing them that they look just like a normal pair of glasses, albeit the yellow tinted lenses. The FPS also have a flair for style with the Razer styled text cut out of each side band and the famous Razer fluorescent green rubberized coating for grip behind the ears.

Gunnar FPS

I wear my game glasses at night.

I have been wearing them off and on for about a week now and barely even realize they are there, which is huge for me. I’m the kind of person that senses something on their face, I know it is there, and it takes every ounce of my stamina to find what is there and get rid of it. The FPS simply blend in and are incredibly comfortable.

The Stress Test

So aside from writing for Dashing Nerds and doing my everyday administrator duties, I also work full-time as a marketing coordinator. This means I am on the computer up to 10 hours a day. All this computer use can cause headaches, eye strain, and general fatigue. With Gunnar’s new glasses, headaches and eye strain have been virtually eliminated. For web browsing, data analysis, and general computer work, the FPS are a godsend. Breaks in work became more infrequent and they really helped me focus.

This is all made possible by the reduction of blue light, which can cause eye strain when exposed to it for prolonged periods of time. The lenses have a yellow tint, so I really couldn’t use them for any kind of graphic work as they throw off the colors you are looking at.

Razer cutout on bands

Fancy flat bands for maximum comfort.

The second part of my stress test was gaming. The situation is very similar to that of work. The elimination of blue light really lets you focus on what you are doing without having to squint. I used them a bit while playing Overwatch. I feel that my reaction time had a noticeable improvement and I could play longer while achieving the same level of play throughout the duration.

A feature I found surprising is that they handle headphones amazingly well. Because the bands are so thin and form to your head there is no pressure caused by headphones pushing on and around your ears.

The Verdict

The Gunnar FPS gaming glasses are a marked improvement over the Desmo. With decreased weight, slim, form-fitting bands, and stylish frame, everyday use becomes a must. Anyone in the graphic or gaming industry knows that if there is a way to make working on a computer and gaming easier and more enjoyable they need it, and the FPS brings it. At $99.99 the FPS follows the pricing of many of the other name brand gaming glasses but look and feel more comfortable and are developed along with Razer which itself is a premium brand. I rate the FPS gaming glasses by Gunnar and Razer a must buy if you are having issues with headaches, eye strain, or want to extend your game time and increase your skill. Check out Gunnar’s website below to see all the styles that they offer!

GUNNAR Opticks- Block Blue Light and Digital Eye Strain


Written by: Greg

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