‘A Whisker Away’ Will Make Cat Weebs Curl up with Joy

Cat weebs rejoice! Another Netflix original anime hit the entertainment service’s streamable content on June 18th.


A Whisker Away follows the story of Muge, a young girl disenfranchised from the joys adolescent life offers. One day she meets a vendor at a local festival who sells her a mask that turns her into a cat.

Later that night in her feline form, she meets Hinode, a boy who attends the same middle school as her. She falls in love, but the more she spends time with him as a cat, the harder it becomes for her to tell him her true identity. What’s a girl to do?

Times running out. In a race against the clock, Muge will have to make a decision that could risk leaving her feelings for Hinode untold forever.

Why It’s Worth Watching

The Japanese title for the film, Nakitai Watashi wa Neko o Kaburu, translates to “wanting to cry, I pretend to be a cat.”

As that title implies, the film has some serious emotional depth. The phrase neko o kaburu means to wear a cat on your head, and expresses the idea of masking one’s true feelings. Muge uses cheerfulness as a coping mechanism to deal with her anxiety and feeling instability over her parents’ separation and her father’s remarriage.

Do not dread! A Whisker Away doesn’t linger in negativity or use despair to solicit your emotions. You’ll find your responses to the film moving fast and fluidly from one scene to the next.

What’s more? You don’t actually need to love cats to appreciate the film. It reminds audiences of the magic cast by Your Name and My Neighbor Totoro , with a dash of Spirited Away sprinkled in. That’s not the only plus. The fancy gadget and gismo weebs will be happy to learn you can watch this one in 4K.


If you have a family, take it easy knowing the streamlined plot makes following along with the story simpler than watching paint dry on a wall, without actually having to watch paint dry.

While the world continues to battle Covid-19, the film’s show runners don’t want you to forget you can still experience summer from the comfort of your home; indeed, the atmosphere and lighting stylizations convey the long, memorable, fervent vibes we associate with summer. Nothing beats a good fantasy love story at that.

Dashing Nerds hopes you find unique and creative ways to enjoy your summer, and like Muge, don’t forget your mask when you go outside! No, you won’t turn into a cat, but you can pretend. Happy summer!


Written by: Quito Barajas

Author, investor, and world-wide weeb. Anime fuels my onasoul.

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