Adventures In Random Roleplay: Maid RPG Edition Part 3 – Welcome Home, Goshujin-sama!

Welcome back, dice fondlers! Last week we discussed the mechanics of Maid RPG and the (figurative) nuts and bolts behind our maid. With a better idea as to how our character Shiro will be interacting with her environment, let’s get designing the mansion where we’ll be spending all of our time!

First things first, it’s important to understand exactly what we mean by “mansion.” In the baseline anime we’re used to, the mansions are very conventional: an absurd amount of rooms, unexpected amenities, vaguely European architecture. However, our mansion isn’t nearly so limited. Our choices range from fantasy towers to science fiction starships, from Edo period Japan to post-apocalyptic ruins. For added hilarity, I recommend using the stock mansion in ANY of these settings and dropping it among them to ramp up the absurdity of the situation. Why yes, I do have a normal looking mansion from which hunting parties of maids emerge to raid the surrounding villages for tribute and supplies. Why do you ask?

Mansion Setting

With that in mind, let’s start building our home away from home. First and foremost, we roll to determine the setting our mansion is situated in. There is a standard 1d6 roll allowed here, as well as three more settings added by an expanded list ported over from the Japanese rules expansion book. We’ll use a d10 to pick from our nine settings (0 will be a reroll.)

One roll later, and we have an early modern time period. This ranges anyway from Victorian to early twentieth century, with steam and coal power being the technologies of the day. With that sort of time period given to us and the specific mention of steam, let’s bend our setting just a touch and go full steampunk with our technology. Dirigibles, steam trains, and other odd robotics running rampant in the late 19th-century sound ideal.

Which Anime Genre Is This, Anyway?

Now we’ll progress on to our genre. While this isn’t specifically “mansion” based, the random table for our specific anime genre is tucked into the mansion charts as it really does heavily affect our setting and its characterization. We get a 1 on our 1d6 roll leaving us playing in a “Romance” genre show. Oh dear. Love amidst the machinations of steam and gears, eh? This certainly sounds appropriate and may take on some VERY interesting twists once we define our Master’s characteristics. We’ll be saving him for last though, so let’s continue with our mansion.

Next, we’ll determine the specific nature of our mansion and its role in the world. As stated before, a fantasy mansion could well be a castle or a wizard’s tower, so let’s see what sort of establishment our early modern mansion will resemble. Another 1d6 roll, this one on our time period specific table, and we get nightclub. So, our mansion doubles as some sort of classy club, speakeasy, or bar full of outlaws depending on the details of our setting. Let’s pick nightclub, as that gives us some interesting fodder to work with while keeping our club from being explicitly illegal. Our maids, in addition to cleaning and whatnot, may well be expected to be the servers (or entertainment!) at the club portion of the mansion.

Mansion Features

With the club façade of our mansion established, let’s roll on one of my favorite charts— the features chart. This is the same style chart that let us know Shiro was a neat freak and part of a secret villainous organization. What does it have in store for us now? We roll twice on this chart, which is another 1d66 based chart, because it has all sorts of bizarre features to stumble across. So, for our mansion we get… an indoor pool. Well, that seems downright sensible. A club with a pool? Sounds like a party to me. One more roll and we get… a private army. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. Our mansion has a private army – each member of whom we can consider as a “pet” with Attributes all at 3. (To clarify, pets are NPCs that may have free will, but no plot power and are attached to characters as an item would be.)

Seeing as we have a steampunk setting, perhaps our private army consists of clockwork soldiers of varying degrees of sentience?

Finally, we get to determine the color scheme of our mansion using the same color table as our maids used. We’ll roll for our two primary colors. With a couple rolls, we’re left with white and gold. That certainly establishes our mansion as having a very classy color scheme.

Summing It Up

Before moving on, I think it is time to summarize. Our mansion is a classy nightclub, all white with gold trim. It is replete with an indoor pool that guests can lounge at, as well as having a private army of clockwork guards on site at all times. The city outside rides the border between the 19th and 20th centuries, clanging and whistling with the sound of gears and steam. Amidst the burgeoning progress at the century’s turn, love is in the air and romance is on the minds of our maids.

Heaven, help us.

Now that we have all of our rollable mansion attributes gathered, all we have left is to name the estate and determine how long it has been open. For that, I want YOUR suggestions. From here until next week, we’ll be taking suggestions for the name of our nightclub and the number of years it has been in operation. Was it passed down from family to family or did our mysterious Master create it themselves? We’ll figure that out next week, but until then, remember to…


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Written by: Jason A. Clark

Writer, Salesman, Cartographer of The Weird Realms In My Head

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