Adventures In Random Roleplay: FATE Edition — Part 2 — Memento Mort

Welcome back, dice fondlers! Last week, we visited the flickering film noir streets of Nitrate City. This week, we continue our trip through FATE’s Worlds of Adventure by visiting Cascadia, the setting of the game Morts, where we’ll put down some of the walking dead.

Cascadia: Land of the Not Quite Dead Yet

In Morts, Cascadia is technically a post-apocalyptic setting. I only say technically because while the citizens of Cascadia are self-aware enough to call what happened “the Zombie Apocalypse”, it’s pretty hard to be living in a thriving human civilization ten years after an apocalypse and feel like it was sufficiently world-ending.

While thriving might be overstating it a bit, as far as most people living in the cities are concerned, nobody actually gets eaten anymore, so that’s a huge plus. However, on the outskirts, where farmers from the city commute to work and only the social outcasts live, that’s where your player characters live.

If you were guessing that the “Mort” in Morts means death, you’re correct, but not all the way there. If you guessed it meant Morticians, you win a shovel.

Join the Morticians

Don’t misunderstand me though, the Morts are specifically gravediggers. They’re the remaining line of defense against zombies, ghosts, and necromancers, and, well, they aren’t particularly well-liked. See, even if you’re really good at exterminating the undead, society doesn’t feel like it needs you anymore.

As a Mort, you’re a jack of all trades, mending the wall and the fence, breaking up hordes of zombies, tracking down necromancers, or solving mysteries as to how the dead seemed to get inside the wall. Now, it should be said that just because someone’s dead, it doesn’t automatically make them a target of the Morts. In fact, there are plenty of Morts who are among the documented undead, also known as “Kimmies”. They’re called that after the Kim Test, a test for determining if you’re dangerous undead or able to be considered a person. The test itself is named after the senator-turned-revenant that helped develop it.

Start Your Adventure

The locations within Cascadia are bursting with flavor— from the bustling Eugene, to the monster filled madness of Portland, each city seems like the perfect staging area for an adventure. Morts even comes with a basic adventure called Randolph The Lich King, a delightful three-mission adventure featuring a petulant undead academic out for revenge against the university that turned down his teaching application. No, seriously. You need to check it out for yourselves!

Buy it on DriveThruRPG!

But with that, my fine friends, I leave you. We shall continue world-hopping next week. Until then, remember to…



Written by: Jason A. Clark

Writer, Salesman, Cartographer of The Weird Realms In My Head

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