Adventures in Random Roleplay: Maid RPG Edition – Part 1 – Notice Me, Goshujin-Sama!

Welcome back, dice fondlers! Whether you’re still with us after our adventure through the DnD world, or whether you just jumped in because you saw anime maids and couldn’t help yourself, it’s good to have you. I think it is anyway. I’m watching you otaku reeeeeaal close, you hear me?

So, let’s talk maids. Specifically, anime maids.

About The Anime Maid Trope

For the uninitiated, maids are a staple of anime. An extremely common trope around these parts is the maid with hidden talents. When I say “hidden talents” among folks that don’t know anime, half the audience gets a sly grin on their face and the other starts imagining American Idol. That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about cyborg half-demons that are government trained assassins who just happen to be working for the young master of the series. These series can range from high octane action to gothic horror, from absurdist comedy to tongue-in-cheek fanservice.

Maid: The RPG

Now that everybody’s clear as to what a Maid anime is, what does that mean for a Maid RPG? Well, it means that your game can (and SHOULD!) be just as bizarre and wacky as you want it to be. Whether the maids are rigidly adherent to “Master’s wishes” or they’re constantly THWACKING him with random anime hammers, this is a game dictated almost entirely by whim.

One point to clarify early on – this game is built to be played at PG or PG-13 ratings at the highest. While innuendo and fanservice are both common in anime, romantic moments in Maid RPG should be interrupted by bizarre interludes or random uppercuts to the moon. If sexy times are actually happening in-game, you’re doing it wrong. Seriously, that’s according to the creators right in the opening.

Random Maid (Character) Generation

With that in mind, let’s take a look at just how madcap a game of Maid RPG can get by generating our first random character. Before we get going, let’s define some dice for this game. A d6 is a single six-sided die. 2d6 means we need to roll two six-sided dice. Follow so far? Now in Maid RPG, there are also d66 rolls and d666 rolls. If we have d66, we have two six-sided dice with one designated as the tens place and one designated as the ones. D666 is very similar, but with three dice, one of which is designated for the hundreds.

Besides dice, you’ll need the Basic Character Sheet pdf, which is available for download here.

Ready? Let’s go.

Roll for Maid Attributes

First off, we have our attributes. We roll 2d6 and divide by three (rounding down) for each of these. So for our six attributes we have Athletics (how physically fit and good at combat we are), Affection (how good we are at making friends with other maids and the master), Skill (how good are we at our actual, maidly duties), Cunning (how good are you at being deceitful and sneaky), Luck (exactly what it sounds like), and Will (how positive is your outlook on life?).

So, rolling our 2d6s gets us these base results:

Athletics: 1

Affection: 1

Skill: 3

Cunning: 4

Luck: 2

Will: 2

Well, it seems like we might just be a bit lazy and standoffish. That being said, we are quite good at our job… although we’re an even better liar. Finally, we’re not terribly lucky or optimistic, but we aren’t too bad at those, either. These numbers will get modified again when we roll our two Maid Types in the next step, so they could conceivably drop to -1 or -2.

Add Maid Type

Now, for Maid Type we make two simple 1d6 rolls as we describe our character with two common anime tropes. It is possible to get the same type twice and just be a very stand out version of that cliché. The six possibilities are Lolita, Sexy, Pure, Cool, Boyish, and Heroine. Keep in mind that these are personality only – in keeping with anime, a Lolita character ACTS child-like and innocent (even though they might be centuries old mad scientists – looking at you Washu.)

Our dice rolls tell us that…. We are the Heroine / Cool. Now in personality, this means that aside from being emotionless on the surface and unflappable, we are very earnest and always try our best. In terms of Attributes, we gain a point in Skill for being Cool, but lose a point in Affection. Our Affection drops to 0, and our Skill rises to 4. We are cold as ice. Now, as a Heroine, our Will increases by one, and our Luck drops by one. That gives us a Luck of 1 and a Will of 3. So we’re always looking on the bright side of life, a darn good liar, and pretty talented at our job. If only we weren’t so lazy and antisocial.


Athletics: 1

Affection: 0

Skill: 4

Cunning: 4

Luck: 1

Will: 3

Roll for Cute Outfits

The next step, believe it or not, is to pick out our Maid’s color scheme.  Using the game’s suggestion, we’ll make a 1d66 roll first to determine our maid outfit’s color accents, then our hair color, then our eye color. With a quick roll, we have red accents to our uniform, white hair, and… metallic eyes? I bet the explanation for that is going to be interesting.

Add Spice: Special Abilities

Leaving colors behind us, we move on to step four and special qualities. Depending on your game, you can raise the number of special qualities per maid to between 3 and 5. For our purposes, we’re going to stick with Maid RPG’s recommended default of 2 special qualities. We roll 1d66 twice and consult the Special Ability Chart, which has everything from being Sickly (with no effect on your attributes and your own custom symptoms) to being some sort of Shapeshifted animal. We roll and find out…

We are a neat freak who belongs to a special organization. A special organization? Time to consult another table! And one short roll we find out…. We belong to an evil secret society bent on ruling the world. Huh.

Roll for Maid Roots

Our next step has us roll 1d66 a few times in order to determine our backstory on the Maid Roots Chart, our unhealthy coping methods on the Stress Explosion Chart, and our signature Hammerspace weapon from the Maid Weapon Chart. Bear in mind, weapons have no statistics in this game. It’s entirely for flavor here.

On the Maid Roots Table, we roll a 41 – We’re only in this for the money. That makes sense. Apparently, we’re funding world domination with our wages?

We get a 25 on our Stress Explosion chart. This means when we go over the edge, we start mercilessly tormenting the other maids.

Finally, we get a 15 on the Maid Weapon chart, meaning our signature weapon is a vase, bottle, pot, or any other piece of furniture not nailed down around the mansion.

Maid Power, Favor, & Spirit

The final step using random tables is determining our Maid Power. This is a 1d6 roll based on our highest Attribute. While our Skill and Cunning are tied now, we’ll choose to roll on the Cunning table as it was the first Attribute at a 4. We get a roll of 3, meaning we get Coercion. If our Cunning beats an opposing Athletics roll, we can damage/tear off/ruin another character’s clothes. Uh-oh. Sounds like our world-conquering maid has no problem playing dirty when it comes to getting the opposition into compromising positions.

Now, we determine our Favor and Spirit. Favor is our Affection rating doubled or zero, whichever is lower. Oops. Seeing as doubling our Affection would give us a -2, looks like our Favor is starting at zero. That means we’re starting off at risk of being dismissed by the master quickly. Spirit is determined by taking our Will times 10, so that gives us 30 Spirit. Thankfully, that means we aren’t super likely to be pushed into a Stress Explosion very quickly.

Suggest a Maid Name!

Finally, we pick our maid’s age and name. So, until next week we’ll be taking suggestions for our maid’s age and name! Submit your suggestion in the comment section or Tweet @dashingnerds with #MaidRPG.

Keep in mind, we’ve got a skilled maid who’s simultaneously lazy and a neat freak, antisocial, optimistic, and not particularly lucky. She has a fondness for red, white hair, metallic eyes, and a membership to a secret evil society. When needing a weapon, she’ll use whatever’s handy around the mansion. She’ll even resort to causing wardrobe malfunctions to get her way.

Next week, after naming our Maid, we’ll talk a little bit more about the rules of Maid and how Random Events work. Afterward, we’ll randomly generate our mansion! Until then, take care and remember…


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Written by: Jason A. Clark

Writer, Salesman, Cartographer of The Weird Realms In My Head

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