Adventures In Random Roleplay: Maid RPG Edition Part 4 – Beware The Butler, For The Butler Buttles For Thee!

Welcome back, dice fondlers! After a brief break last week, we’re back with a vengeance. We’ve got the results of our Mansion naming contest, as well as more new madness to get ourselves into with Maid RPG. That being said, let’s dive right in!

Drumroll, Please…

First and foremost, let’s remember that our mansion was revealed to be a nightclub, gleaming in white and gold, with an indoor swimming pool and a private clockwork army. With that in mind, as the result of our naming competition, we have our mansion: “The Clockworks.”

Buttler Wait, There’s More!

Now, of course, we may already have a maid and a mansion, but what would a mansion be without… a Butler? Butlers are a special case in Maid RPG. You can have as many players taking roles as Maids as you like, but there can be only *one* Butler character per game. As we build our Butler, you’ll start to see why.

Just as we did with our Maid, we start by determining our Butler’s Type. Again, just as we did with the Maid, we’ll roll 1d6 twice and see what we get. After two rolls, our Butler is determined to be both an Elite and a Shadow type. Elites are normally highly trained professionals who may have personal relationships with the Master, or are otherwise hired on (similar to mercenaries). Meanwhile, as expected, Shadow types are your spies and ninjas. So, we have a professional, highly-trained, multi-talented, espionage Butler. Further, he gets a power based on each of these, of course, rolled from their own tables. He gets a Power for each Type, so we get two more 1d6 rolls.

This reveals that our Butler has both Stalking and Trap. With Stalking, our Butler can follow someone with no chance of them detecting him, while with Trap, our Butler can declare that they have a Trap prepared even in scenes they aren’t present for. Buckle up, folks. It just gets weirder from here.

Next, we’ll roll the 1d66 on the Qualities chart twice to get even further information on our Butler. Our first result shows us that our Butler moves at his own pace, changing his speed for no one. Our second quality shows us that our Elite Shadow is also a talented hacker. Why wouldn’t he be after all? His talent for espionage grows by the moment. We’ll also determine his Roots at this point by rolling 1d6. He gets “Loyalty,” showing that he has some sort of friendship or another tie to make him dedicated to the Master of the mansion.

Moving onward, we get to determine our Butler’s signature weapons. He gets two, rolled once more with 1d66’s. With two rolls, we determine that our Butler has not only a combat helicopter at his disposal, but he has also had weapons installed on or inside his very body. With the clockwork theme of our nightclub army, I have the distinct impression that our Butler’s onboard weapons are pistons within his arms and legs, turning him into a close quarters nightmare.

With that out of the way, we get to the nitty-gritty of his Attributes. For every Attribute except for Luck and Will, we roll 2d6 and divide the result by two. For Luck, we roll 2d6 and divide by 3. Finally, for Will, we simply roll 2d6 and take whatever the total is. We also add +1 to his Athletics for being Elite, and +1 to his Cunning for being Shadow type. That leaves us with these for Attibute totals:

Athletics – 5

Affection – 3

Skill – 3

Cunning – 5

Luck – 1

Will – 9

With our Will at 9, that will give us a Spirit of 90 (Will x 10.) He also has a Favor of 6.

Now, for some fun, we’re going to roll three times on the color chart to get our Butler’s outfit. After three rolls, we finally determine that our Butler wears a light gray suit, has navy blues eyes, and silver hair.

So, to recap, we have an impressively stoic, sneaky, athletic Elite Shadow hacker with a combat helicopter and built-in clockwork pistons for weapons. He’s undetectable when following someone, has traps set up literally EVERYWHERE, has a distinctive gray/silver color scheme. With his onboard weapons quality and his color scheme, this one’s just too easy…

Say hello to “Tin Man,” our Master’s Butler/Enforcer.

Our mansion seems to be filling up nicely, but do you know what we really need? A MASTER. Come back next week where we’ll create our Master and find out just who holds sway over this nightclub of follies. Until then, remember to…


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Written by: Jason A. Clark

Writer, Salesman, Cartographer of The Weird Realms In My Head

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