Adventures In Random Roleplay: Maid RPG Edition Part 5 – A Master, Magic, and Mayhem

Welcome back, dice fondlers! Last week, we met our Mansion’s Butler (some would say Enforcer), “Tin Man.” If you missed it, click here to check out the previous installment. This week, we’re rounding out our house full of lunatics with a very special character. That’s right— we’re making our Master.

Master of the House

Unlike our Butler and Maids, Masters have only a single type. Determining that type is the very first thing we do in creating our Master. As usual, we’re only dealing with a 1d6. We roll and come up with “Natural Born.” While having a Natural Born Master may make it sound like said individual would be an ideal Master, in this case, Natural Born refers to a Master that has most likely had a very skewed upbringing with warped ideas about how reality works. Also, our Natural Born Master has an age of 12+2d6, which rolls out to be 22.

Next, we’ll determine our Master’s special Qualities. These are a pretty standard 1d66 roll. We roll twice to get our Master’s odd traits. This particular Master is quite shy around strangers. Not bad, and not too strange for a first roll. Second roll says… they’re also a potent magician, wielding great magics. So, uh, so much for normal.

This step also mentions that we should feel free to add a Trauma Type to add some depth to our character. One roll later and we discover our Master has accidentally destroyed their homeland. The plot thickens. Does this have something to do with our Master’s magic?

A Master of Renown

Seeing if we can get some answers, we roll our next trait: Power Source. This will determine what two sources our Master’s power comes from— it may not even be magical after all! We roll 2d6 twice for this and come up with Mansion and Renown. Renown is the popularity of his family and his own personal fame. Between having magic power and a nightclub, this seems entirely fair. The Mansion being the other power source indicates that the magic rests within the Mansion itself, instead of with our Master. If we know our Master destroyed their own homeland accidentally and that our Master has magical powers. What if our Master blew up their homeland with their magic and the source of their power has traveled with the Mansion. That’s why our Master keeps a private army: to keep outsiders away from the power source.

Now, we’re going to go back to the single 1d6 so we can determine our Master’s favorite Maid type. Simple 1d6 on this one and… they have a fondness for Heroines. How appropriate. While we’re checking the favorite Maid type from the front of the book, let’s also stop and figure out our Master’s Stress Explosion. Our Master, it would seem, gets a shopping bug when his emotions get the better of him.

Master’s Magical Look

We’re almost done. We only have Attributes and Colors left. Our Master can wear whatever they want, so we won’t be rolling for clothes colors. Instead, we’ll only be rolling for hair and eye color. With two 1d66 color rolls, our Masters is revealed to have golden eyes and rainbow hair. That’s magic for you, kids.


And finally, we come to our Master’s Attributes. Unlike the amazing Butlers, our Master has a flat 2 for Will, giving them 20 Spirit. The other five Attributes are rolled on 2d6 and divided by 4. That means that our Master’s Attributes can hit 3 at absolute best. So let’s roll.

Athletics – 1

Affection – 3

Skill – 0

Cunning – 2

Luck – 1

Will – 2

So our Master is, at best, warm with relationships, and mildly devious. They’re horribly messy and disorganized, have poor luck, and little physical ability. Why am I reminded of half the spellcasters in anime all of sudden?

Summing It Up

With that, we have our Master. They were born into the position, having never really understood life outside of the mansion, and they have a twisted view of how life is supposed to work. They’re awkward and shy around new people, while still having their ability to build relationships as their best attribute. They wield magical power and once accidentally destroyed their homeland. Now, Master has consolidated their power through their local renown and a strength lurking within the mansion. A mansion, I will remind you, that is a clockwork themed nightclub staffed by bizarre maids and a private robot army, with a Butler (enforcer) with a combat helicopter and weapons built into their body. To top it all off, our strange Master has rainbow colored hair and golden eyes.

Let’s call them Mahou. I’ll leave whether they’re male or female up to you and your game. This character works pretty well as either without modifying their features at all.

With our Master created, we’ve made one of each of our character types in Maid RPG. Next week, we’ll look at throwing together a possible adventure for our strange little family, and leave you with some final thoughts. Until then, remember to…





Written by: Jason A. Clark

Writer, Salesman, Cartographer of The Weird Realms In My Head

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