Adventures In Random Roleplay: Maid RPG Edition – Part 6 – Tonzura Koite!

Welcome, dice fondlers, to our final episode exploring Maid RPG (for now, at least). If you’re late to the mansion party, here’s the link for Part 1 of this series! We’ve used the many, many random tables in Maid’s rulebook to create our three player characters: our maid Shiro, our butler Tin Man, and our Master named Mahou. We’ve also created the nightclub/mansion that they live in. So along comes the question…

Now what?

Well, never fear my fine companions. I am here to assist you. While we briefly went over the styles of play expected with Maid RPG back in Episode 2, I’m not so cruel as to leave you all hanging there. If we go back and take a look at the styles of the game offered to us by the rulebook and contrast it with the genre we established during in our mansion building during Episode 3, we should get a good hint at where to start. For our needs, the “Favor Race” immediately jumps out at me, specifically because we have an interesting dynamic between our current characters. Plus, we’ve already established that our genre is Romance.

“But Jason,” I hear you wailing, “we only have two contestants and our third player IS the Master. How will this work?” There are a few ways. The easiest is just to add new players. With one or more additional Maids involved, the chaos deepens, everyone gets to try to wring Favor out of the Master player either through doing good work or through properly over-the-top romance.

As a second option, the Master’s character sheet is primarily for giving the Game Master a rough character to work with, while Shiro, Tin Man, and any other new players vie for Favor. Personally? I’d take the free for all and have fun with it!

Picking a Plotline for Maid RPG

So, I hear you beginning to ask (man, I need to get my ears checked. This is weird hearing everybody.) “What do we do about a plot?” Thankfully, Maid RPG already has an answer for that. Remember the Random Event Table? One of the things we can do in a game is to have our characters burn Favor to trigger Events. Another option we have at our disposal is to TURN OFF the Random Event Table for our players and instead pre-roll key events points that will happen during our game.

Which option you choose will define your game. If you want full-on slapdash madness, having free access to the Random Event Table is your ticket. Grab a few extra players, have everyone fighting for Favor, trying to strategically call in Random Events like they were a blue shell in Mario Kart. Contrary to that, you could have an actual story if you go the other route, leaning away from chaos. The other benefit to pre-rolling events is that if your Master is a player character, their goal becomes dealing with the cascading problems while their servants fight for attention.

Walking Through More Random Event Examples

As we’ve already stated Mahou as a player character, let’s go ahead and roll some random events and give them some story beats to chew through. Let’s pick three events and set this up like a play— one event for the beginning of each act. Rolling on the chart, we have three events. Here they are in order: Arrival of an Ancestor’s Ghost, A Swarming Animal Herd, and A Monster Awakens Beneath The Mansion.

With that, we have our adventure laid out for us pretty clearly. With Mahou’s background and trauma, it looks like we have a definite story we can tell here.  An Ancestor’s Ghost appears to warn Mahou of a weakening magic seal – the same evil force that destroyed their previous homeland is stirring once more. Within seven days, the evil will be upon them. On the fourth day, a herd of animals swarms the mansion, crashing through the windows. These animals are a grim omen of the evil coming soon. On the seventh day, the evil comes and the mansion must face it – for better or for worse.

At the very end, whatever the outcome of the monster’s awakening, the staff all tally up their Favor points and see who “won” as Master’s favorite. As for the person playing Mahou? Well, we’ll wait and see what sort of shape their home (and their sanity!) are in.

Take Care, Masters!

I hope that’s given you folks a good peek into the weird world of Maid RPG and the wonderful weirdness that can ensue. Next time, we’ll be diving into a new game system and exploring another weird world of random dice rolls.

Until then… you know the drill… that’s right…



Written by: Jason A. Clark

Writer, Salesman, Cartographer of The Weird Realms In My Head

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