Adventures in Random Roleplay – Part 6 – The Demon Druidess and The Spirit of Giving

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Once again, it’s time for another round of ARR! my dear dice fondlers. This week, we’re taking a closer look at our Tiefling Druid, Charity. As you may remember, not only is she part Infernal and a Druid, but she also grew up as a street urchin.

Time for Ability Scores!

Now, Charity’s Ability Scores are going to be a little different than our last two characters. The dice didn’t line up as smoothly for Charity as they did for Merric and Warbler. Instead of having bonuses to her Class recommended Ability Scores, she’ll have scores that are well-rounded.

  • Her Tiefling parentage gives her a +1 to Intelligence and a +2 to Charisma. However, the Player’s Handbook recommends having her highest scores in Wisdom and Constitution. So, we’ll give Wisdom the 15 and Constitution the 14 to start.
  • Now we’re faced with a dilemma. As we try to figure out where to put her other scores, sometimes it’s helpful to take a peek at what skills she may have Proficiency in. Her Urchin Background gives her two Dexterity-based skills, while her Druid Class gives her a lot of Wisdom and Intelligence-based options. With this in mind, let’s give Charity a 13 in Dexterity and a 12 in Intelligence. Her bonus in Intelligence will keep these scores even and give her well-rounded skills.
  • Next, we’ll give her Strength the 10 and her Charisma the 8. That way, Charisma will be at 10 as well. This way, Charity won’t have any negatives to deal with. Truly well-rounded.

“Sweet” Charity’s Skills:

Following step by step, Charity will have 10 HP (8 to start plus her +2 Constitution bonus). Her Hit Die is a d8, so this will proceed as normal, with her rolling it each level to add HP or by adding a flat 5, per table rules.

  • Charity has Proficiency with both light and medium armors, as well as shields. However, Druids may not wear armor or use shields made of metal.
  • She has Proficiency with clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, quarterstaves, scimitars, sickles, slings, and spears.
  • Charity also is Proficient with herbalism kits, disguise kits, and thieves tools.
  • Her saving throws are in Intelligence and Wisdom.
  • Now, her Urchin Background leaves her Proficient in both Stealth and Sleight of Hand. As these are an important part of her character’s history, it’s good we gave her a raised Dexterity earlier.
  • Now we have to choose two Druid skills from the list. We’ll select Arcana and Animal Handling. Charity will have plenty of opportunities to work with animals as the party Druid, and both her ancestry and her Intelligence has her figuring out how strange magic works.

Charity’s Equipment & Special Features:

With that out of the way, let’s pick some equipment!

  • The Druid options are quite simple. We have the option of focusing on defense or offense. Charity doesn’t seem like a particularly reserved fighter. She seems to stick to the shadows and probably hit hard when she needs to. With this in mind, we’ll skip giving her a shield and instead have her take a scimitar and club. The scimitar has the Finesse tag which allows her to use her higher Dexterity score when attacking. There’s a pretty great little cantrip that will give her an edge in combat later that would work with her club. Also, as it has the Light tag, she can use it in her off-hand for two-handed combat. This gives her a nice one-two punch in combat.
  • She also has leather armor, an explorer’s pack, and a Druidic focus so she can cast her spells without components.
  • She also has all of her Urchin gear; including her city’s map, a small knife, common clothes, a token to remember her parents, her belt pouch with 10 gold pieces in it, and her pet mouse.

Charity’s Abilities:

  • Now, as a Druid, Charity can speak Druidic. Druidic is the secret language of Druids. This allows her to leave messages for others like her, or read messages that may have been left behind. Non-Druids will only notice these types of messages on a roll of DC 15 or better and even then, they won’t be able to read them without magical assistance.
  • Her Tiefling bloodline grants her Darkvision up to 60 ft in front of her, Resistance to fire damage, and the cantrip Thaumaturgy (which grants a few minor effects like opening and closing unlocked doors, and causing lights to flicker), all of which are great tricks for a street Urchin who lived by their wits.
  • She also knows both Common and Infernal languages.

Druid Spells & Cantrips!

As far as spells are concerned, as a Druid, Charity will also be able to cast any of her Druid spells that she has prepared for the day or that have the Ritual tag. Druids have access to their entire spell list, unlike some classes like Warlock. This means Charity will simply select her leveled spells each day and have those to cast. At 1st level, she can prepare two a day.

Finally, we’ll select her cantrips. These are important as they are able to be cast an unlimited number of times and define her magical arsenal.

  • Since we’ve decided to have Charity carry a scimitar and a club, we’ll give her something to make those more potent. Let’s take Shillelagh, which allows her to enchant her club, not only to hit harder, but able to hit magical enemies, and attack using her Wisdom score instead of Strength.
  • Next, let’s take Guidance. This cantrip allows her to give bonuses to Ability Checks to allies. This is pretty awesome and may explain her name. Charity may well have been generous at least in her ability to help friends.

With that, we’ve colored in the missing parts of our Druid. How she came to live on the streets is still a mystery, but we can certainly imagine a young, impressionable woman scorned by the locals for her race. Living among the poor, dodging those that would do her harm, helping friends with her divination cantrip, Guidance. We know she has a debt that she can never repay and that this has left her highly generous, even though she exhibits the paranoia of scrambling to survive for most of her life. Mayhaps, the local guards grew tired of watching for the horned red-skinned girl with legs that grew like a rabbit’s before she leaping across the roof, or who thanked the rats in the alleys for bringing her wine and cheeses.

With Charity taken care of, next up will be our amiable sailor with a vengeful streak, Orrin Salt. Come on back next week and take a peek at how we can use a touch of the random to make even our most familiar race, Humans, a little less standard. And remember…


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Written by: Jason A. Clark

Writer, Salesman, Cartographer of The Weird Realms In My Head

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