Adventures in Random Roleplay – Part 8 – The Bloodstained and Oathsworn

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Welcome back, you randomizers, you. This week, we’re leaving our human shenanigans behind. Well, by halves at least. That’s right, this week we’re looking at Nasha Redmist, our Half-Orc Paladin. Nasha is an interesting case. Half-Orcs aren’t typically known for their kind tempers if you believe the clichés. Thankfully, one of the benefits of random rolling is that we can intentionally break clichés over our knee.

Nasha’s Ability Scores

As a Paladin, Nasha’s a touch more complicated than just wading in and punching. Thankfully, not vastly different. What this means is that if we follow the Player’s Handbook, Nasha will start with:

  • 17 in Strength (15 + her bonus for being a Half-Orc), a Charisma of 14, and a Constitution of 14 (13 + 1 for being a Half-Orc again.)
  • This means that her spell-casting is pretty decent (Paladin casting is powered by Charisma) and she’s not a slouch in social situations. However, her other bonuses see to it that she can both take a hit and throw one down whenever the situation arises.
  • For her other three scores, we have some wiggle room. We know she was a medic in her military days. That definitely requires some mental acuity, i.e. Wisdom. I would also posit that if she was a professional soldier, her Dexterity would have to be average at least.
  • So, let’s give her a Wisdom score of 12, a Dexterity of 10, and an Intelligence of 8. Nasha is bright, tough, charismatic but can lack focus.

Nasha’s Skills:

  • Now, Nasha will 12 Hit Points to start with (10 + her Constitution modifier). As a Paladin, she has a Hit Die of d10.
  • Nasha has Proficiency with all armors, shields, and both simple and martial weapons.
  • As a former soldier, she also has Proficiency with a gaming set of our choice and all land vehicles. Also, due to her Background, she has Proficiency in both Athletics and Intimidation (She actually also had Intimidation from being a Half-Orc. imposing all the way around!).
  • Our class list of skills now drops from 6 to 4 as our Background took care of 2 for us already. We’ll take Medicine (a must, as we know she was a Healer on the battlefield) and Insight. While we could’ve taken Persuasion to make Nasha able to smooth out social situations or Religion (as she’s become a holy champion), I chose Insight because it will let her catch people in lies or understand the underlying social problems. She already has Intimidation as a way of coercing others to see her way.

Nasha’s Equipment:

With her skills determined, we’re on to shopping for equipment:

  • Nasha can choose between a martial weapon and shield or two martial weapons. Let’s take a weapon and a shield.
  • Our medic Paladin is probably quite the tank, moving to defend the fallen. Let’s give Nasha a longsword (which will let her use it as either a 1-Handed or 2-Handed weapon, depending on her needs), and a standard +2 AC shield.
  • Next, she gets to choose between five javelins or any simple melee weapon. We’ll take a melee spear instead of the javelins. Hopefully, Nasha won’t ever have to throw her spear, as she has a penalty to throw because of her Dexterity. If she does, the spear can be thrown, or it can be used either 1-Handed or 2-Handed, making it a nice backup weapon.
  • We can choose between either a priest’s pack or an explorer’s pack next. As a soldier first, holy warrior second, Nasha seems more the type to focus on the practical rather than a kit with vestments and incense. We’ll take the explorer’s pack.
  • Finally, she gets chain mail armor and a holy symbol so she can cast her spells without components. With her class equipment out of the way, she also receives an insignia of rank from her military service, a trophy from a fallen enemy, a set of bone dice or a deck of cards, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch with 10 GP.

Half-Orc & Healer Special Features:

Unlike some other spell-casting classes, Nasha doesn’t receive any spells at first level. Instead, she gains Divine Sense, an ability that lets her use an action to determine the location of any celestial, fiend, or undead within a 60 ft radius that isn’t behind cover. It also lets her sense any place or objects that have been desecrated within the same radius. She can use this 3 times (1 + Charisma modifier) before taking a long rest to refresh expended uses.

Nasha also gains Lay On Hands. This ability grants her a pool of Healing Points equal to her Level x5. She can touch a creature and restore up to her entire pool or the target’s max hit points. She can also expend 5 hit points from the pool to cure a target of one disease or poison ailing it. She can do this multiple times to cure multiple ailments. Nasha can’t use Lay On Hands against the undead or against things that were never alive, like constructs.

Finally, from her Background, Nasha has the Military Rank ability. She can gain access to forts or encampments where her military service would be recognized. Nasha also has benefits simply for being a Half-Orc. She has Darkvision within 60 ft. She also has Relentless Endurance which, if she were to drop to 0 HP and not be killed outright, she can instead drop to 1 HP and keep fighting. This ability can only be used once per long rest. Furthermore, when she scores a critical hit, she can roll one of the weapon’s damage die an additional time and add it to the total damage dealt.

So what do we make of Nasha Redmist? We have a Half-Orc who, despite choosing military service, chose to be a healer. We know that she is full of useful anecdotes from her time in the military, a time that forged her into someone completely willing to lay down her life for another. This selflessness was spurred on by her being saved from certain death by another from a foe that plagues her nightmares to this day. Each of these traits has forged her into the Paladin she is today: a staunch fighter, a compassionate medic, and a friend who’ll never leave a fallen comrade behind.

That’s all for this week, folks. Make sure to come back next week as we take a look at our last party member, Tora Hammerhand, our Dwarven Monk. Keep in mind, we’re only a couple episodes away from beginning to build our adventure itself, all on the power of assorted tables, a random number generator, a little imagination to smooth over the bumps. So remember, until next time…


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Written by: Jason A. Clark

Writer, Salesman, Cartographer of The Weird Realms In My Head

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