Adventures in Random Roleplay – Part 9 – Punching Secrets In The Face

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Welcome back, Dice Fondlers. You know you missed me. Well, maybe not. But you won’t want to miss this, the last member of our party, Tora Hammerhand. Dispensing with formalities, let’s jump right in.

We know Tora is a Dwarf, but we haven’t clarified what kind of Dwarf yet. The Player’s Handbook lets us choose from either Hill or Mountain Dwarf with our primary difference being whether Tora gains a bonus to her Wisdom or her Strength. The other difference is that Hill Dwarves gain Hit Points faster, while Mountain Dwarves have greater Proficiency with armor. We’ll stick with Hill Dwarf as the additional Wisdom will be a boon to Tora.

Tora’s Ability Scores:

With that out of the way, let’s follow the Player’s Handbook and choose our Ability Scores. Tora’s highest Ability will be Dexterity at 15. This is important for a Monk and our only chance to get Dexterity as high as possible before level advancement. Next comes Wisdom. This is also at 15 (14 + 1 due to being a Hill Dwarf.) Now our field of choices are open. We’ll take Intelligence at 13. She’s been studying as an Acolyte for much of her life; it seems reasonable to assume that her education would be quite good. Her Constitution we’ll make 14 (12 + 2 for being a Dwarf.) This balances the lower score while keeping her talents spread out. With her physical fitness in mind, it’s doubtful her Strength would be below average, so we’ll give her a 10 there.

Finally, that leaves her Charisma at 8. Whether this means that she’s belligerent and unlikable or simply naive is to yet to be seen. She’ll have 11 Hit Points as well (8 + Constitution modifier + 1 for her Hill Dwarf heritage.)

Tora’s Proficiencies:

Moving onward to Tora’s Proficiencies; we know that as a Monk, she has no armor Proficiencies. Tora has Proficiency with simple weapons, shortswords, and (as a bonus for being a Dwarf) battleaxes, handaxes, throwing axes, and warhammers. These Dwarven weapons won’t help her as a Monk, though. She also has Proficiency with an artisan’s tool as a Dwarf AND an aristan’s tool or choice of instrument as a Monk.

She also knows Dwarven, Common, and two other Languages from her time training. In this instance, it makes the most sense that she would know Languages out of the four languages that use Dwarven script. Random Number Generator (or RNG) says…. Primordial and Gnomish. Not bad options. As a Monk, knowing the Language of the elements may come in very handy, and being able to speak with other earth dwellers is never a bad thing as far as Gnomish goes.

Her training as an Acolyte gives Tora Proficiency in both Insight and Religion. This helps make up for her low Charisma by making her marginally better at least at reading people’s intentions. These two skills were among the list to choose for being a Monk, so this makes out life easier yet again. We can choose between Athletics, Acrobatics, History, or Stealth. As a Dwarf, Tora has Stonecunning, which grants her Proficiency to History in regards to stonework (in fact, it doubles her Proficiency). Being a student of a god of knowledge, it makes sense that she would know History, so we’ll check off that skill.

The last decision will be via RNG and it says that… Tora knows Stealth. This raises interesting questions about development. While an easy route with a Dwarven Monk would be the Path of the Elements at Level 3 to make an Earthbender type Monk, having Stealth makes a sneakier Way of Shadows ninja Dwarf totally possible.

Tora’s Equipment:

Tora’s equipment is relatively straightforward. She has one simple weapon or shortsword as her martial arts weapon. Being a Dwarf, let’s give her culture a nod and give her a mace. Next, we can give her either a dungeoneer’s pack or an explorer’s pack. Remember the earlier mantra? A dungeoneer’s pack is an explorer’s pack with more stuff in it. So, dungeoneer’s pack it is. Her final Monk gear is a set of 10 darts. She also has her belongings from her days as an Acolyte: a holy symbol of her deity, incense, vestments, a prayer book or prayer wheel, common clothes, and a belt pouch with 15 GP.

As a Monk, Tora has some important talents. Unarmored Defense makes Tora’s Armor Class 10 + Dexterity modifier + Wisdom modifier whenever she’s not wearing armor. For Tora, this means her AC is 14 to start with. She also has Martial Arts. This lets her attack with Dexterity instead of Strength whenever she’s striking either with her Monk weapon (i.e. her mace) or with an unarmed strike. She can also roll a d4 instead of the regular damage for an unarmed strike. Finally, whenever she makes an Attack with either her unarmed strike or monk weapon, she may take a Bonus action to make another unarmed strike. Tora also has Dwarven Resilience, which halves her damage from poison, as well as giving her Advantage on saving throws against poison. Being a Dwarf also grants her Darkvision within 60 ft. Finally, she has Shelter of the Faithful, which grants her limited assistance from associated temples to her own, which would even support her in a modest lifestyle.

So there we have it. A Dwarf who believes in upholding tradition, is well-versed in History, and is an Acolyte of a God of Knowledge. She has limited dealings with the world outside her temple, which has left her both fiercely protective of her temple as well as hard-headed in dealings with others. Quick in both thought and feet, Tora is in the pursuit of knowledge. Even if that knowledge must be found somewhere in the shadows.

That’s all of our party for now folks. Next time, we’ll be working on building an adventure for our ragtag team to embark on. Heck, we may even be able to figure out just how they’ve come to know each other! Of course, until then…


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Written by: Jason A. Clark

Writer, Salesman, Cartographer of The Weird Realms In My Head

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