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Nintendo’s New Console: NX Rumor Roundup

Nintendo’s New Console: NX Rumor Roundup
I’m a long time Nintendo fan and have owned every major Nintendo console. Even though they’ve made some pretty bad mistakes, I’ve stood by Nintendo and been happy with the products they’ve delivered. And today, for better or for worse, the Wii U is approaching the end of its life cycle. While it may have underperformed, it still provided me with some outstanding games. Focus is shifting to their next console, codenamed ‘NX’, but we’ve received absolutely no hard information on the system, save for the code name. Naturally, that hasn’t stopped the internet from spewing countless rumors and from the foolish from taking them as gospel truth. Here are just a few of the high profile rumors, many contradictory, and the opinion of a seasoned Nintendo fan who’s heard all it all before. Rumor #1: 4K streaming with 900p gameplay For Nintendo to downgrade the graphical capabilities of their console, and ...

The Final Fantasy VII: Remake Trailer is Freaking Awesome

The Final Fantasy VII: Remake Trailer is Freaking Awesome
It was a Bahamut-sized week for Final Fantasy VII fans. If you haven’t already watched the new FFVII: Remake trailer Square Enix released over the weekend, stop what you are doing and check it out below. Be sure to watch in a fullscreen and in HD (if your internet is reliable) to get the full effect of the glory enfolding before you: If you were as flabbergasted by the quality of the footage as we were, then you watched it about seven times. It’s clear by the fully realized HD environment that FFVII: Remake will be more than a nostalgic shot for shot retelling of the story we fans love. In an interview with Famitsu, it was revealed that the Midgar world will be even more expansive than the original version. Although we only get to see a few sections of the city in the trailer, the attention to detail on the ...


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