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Life is Strange Limited Edition Available for Pre-Order

Life is Strange Limited Edition Available for Pre-Order
Yesterday, Square Enix released the official trailer for the Limited Edition version of Life is Strange. The game is available exclusively in the Square Enix Online Store for $39.99 (shopping link below). This version of the game will contain all 5 episodes on disc for the PS4 and Xbox One. According to their official blog, the Limited Edition version will now also be available for PC, which will come with a special steam code. In addition to a game disc, the new box set will come with a CD featuring the game’s soundtrack, as well as development footage and a Director’s Commentary. Shopping Link: NA Square Enix Store

Life is Strange 2 Confirmed

Life is Strange 2 Confirmed
I don’t speak French, but thankfully some helpful Reddit users were kind enough to translate DONTNOD’s Alain Damasio being interviewed on Life is Strange. “I worked as a script doctor on Life is Strange developed by the studio DONTNOD and I will participate on Life is Strange 2 later.” -Alain Damasio Having wasted hours of my life using time travel on behalf of twerpy high schoolers, imagine my excitement when I heard this news! I won’t post spoilers here, but if you’re interested in checking out the Dashing Nerds review videos on Life is Strange, head on over to our YouTube Channel. No word on timing or the cast has been revealed at this point, but given the themes of the first game, I sense strong teenage angst is ahead of us. Whether or not that will include Chloe or Max is unclear, but the conclusion of ...


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