What’s up with Miitomo?

What’s up with Miitomo?
Even when Nintendo borrows from other sources, they find ways to innovate and be fresh, and that is clear with Miitomo, their new app for select smart devices. Less of a game and more of a social networking app with a cute shell, Miitomo released about a week ago to acclaim and several million downloads. Breaking free from the longstanding criticisms that Nintendo doesn’t understand the internet, the app connects to your existing Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as to the new My Nintendo rewards program, born out of the ashes of Club Nintendo. At its heart, its very similar in function to the aforementioned social networking sites. After importing your Mii avatar from My Nintendo or making one from scratch and giving him or her a custom personality and voice, your Mii will ask you questions about yourself and show you similar questions your friends or other ...


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