2015 Dashing Nerds Holiday Gift Guide

holiday-gift-guideWelcome to the 2015 Dashing Nerds Holiday Gift Guide! 2015 has been great for gaming, so we wanted to put together a little list of things to get for the gamer or nerd in your life so they won’t be left feeling a little empty this holiday! We have elected to split the list up into categories, so here goes nothing!


Halo 5 halo5-box

If your special someone is a fan of the series, Halo 5 is a must buy. The guys at 343 did an amazing job and the multiplayer has never been so much fun. It continues the franchise and will lead to more titles in the series, so catch this one for Christmas and check out our review!

Shopping Link: Download for Xbox One

-Love Greg

Fallout 4Fallout_4_cover_art

Want to waste your life? Fallout 4 brings us back to the wasteland in a New England tale. There is so much to do and so many places to see, so I can’t whole-heartedly finish my review yet…but I’m 40 hours in and it is stellar. Although the game also released on the PS4 and for Windows, I put this under the Xbox list because the Xbox One will be the first console to get Fallout mods, and it comes with a free copy of Fallout 3. Our review will be up soon!

Shopping Link: Buy for Xbox One/PS4/PC

-Love Greg

rise-of-the-tomb-raider-boxRise of the Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics does it again with a beautiful game. Rise of the Tomb Raider is an Xbox exclusive for a full year and it is a fantastic, expansive story. This title blows away its predecessor, Tomb Raider (2013), and Lara Croft makes her new home on the Xbox One.

Shopping Link: Buy for Xbox One/Xbox 360

-Love Greg



Tales_of_Zestiria-boxartTales of Zestiria

Do you like anime and RPGs? Does your loved one? If so, they will love Tales of Zestiria. Taking place in a vibrant and colorful world, you are the Shepherd, tasked with ridding the world of Malevolence. With the latest in the long running Japanese role playing series, this game is a fast paced and action packed adventure with a deep and complex equipment fusion system. As an added bonus, you can play with up to 3 of your friends! Check back soon for our review.

Shopping Link: Purchase on PS3PS4 or Steam

-Sincerely, Scott

Nathan Drake Collection

If you have ever wanted to  feel like Indiana Jones, look no further then the Uncharted series! Considered hands down one of the best game series of the previous generation, the Nathan Drake Collection brings together and enhances all 3 previous console Uncharted titles to the PS4. This is all to get you ready for Uncharted 4, which releases early next year. With improved frame rates, higher textures, and additional enhancements, this is the definitive way to experience the magic of the first three Uncharted games!

 Shopping Link: Purchase on Amazon for PS4

-Sincerely, Scott

bloodborneBloodborne Complete Edition

Set in the dark and grimy Victorian era, as a Hunter it is your duty to stop rampaging blood-crazed beasts and evil ancient ones. The Complete Edition comes with the original game, plus DLC The Old Hunters. Created by FromSoftware, the team that brought the world the devilishly difficult and equally rewarding Demons Souls and Dark Souls games, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters ups the speed and puts your reaction time and strategies to the test. If you feel games these days are far too easy and desire a challenge, Bloodborne is your game. Take care, good Hunter…

Shopping Link: Purchase for PS4

-Sincerely, Scott


Super Mario Maker boxSuper Mario Maker

Have you ever found yourself playing Mario and thought, “Man, I could make a level way better than this one”? If you have, then you are in luck! With Super Mario Maker, you can now customize and share levels of your own creation with all of your friends, and take on their levels, too. With tons of different options for blocks and obstacles and three different graphical looks, ranging from original NES Mario to the newer Super Mario Brother titles, this game will push your creativity to its limits!

Shopping Link: Buy for the WiiU

-Sincerely, Scott

Yokai-watch-boxartYo-kai Watch

This game is a blast. If the person you are shopping for is a Pokemon fan or loves JRPGs, I rate Yo-kai Watch a must buy. I have spent hours in it and still have hours of play ahead of me. It is a witty, charming, and affordable 3DS title (so it isn’t $60!!!). Yo-kai Watch is an instant classic and will have sequels brought West for years to come. Check out our review for Yo-kai Watch here!

Shopping Link: Order for 3DS on Amazon

-Love Greg

The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force HeroesThe Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

Have some friends with 3DS systems and want to find a great game you can all play together? Tri Force Heroes will be right up your alley. Take part in a three-player Zelda adventure. Play solo or with friends as you complete dungeons and puzzles in the Drablands. With outfits to craft and unique special abilities for each character, you will have to use your heads to take on these challenges.

Shopping Link: Order for 3DS on Amazon

-Sincerely, Scott


Other Gift Ideas

Banpresto Sailor Moon Girls Memories figures

Since the announcement of Sailor Moon Crystal in 2013, there has been a surge of Sailor Moon merchandise in the figures market. From the posable Bandai S.H. Figurearts to the adorable Petit Chara! figure box sets ranging from 20 to 60 bucks a pop, most Moonies are going into Christmas flat broke from scrambling to collect them all. It has taken great self-control all year to avoid buying all the shiny new items (with ample sparkles).

Since I’m so picky with my spending, believe me when I tell you the Sailor Moon Girls Memories figures are worth the yen. Ranging from $16 to $30 on Amazon, these affordable Senshi figures come on a beautifully decorated yet practical base, making them an elegant addition to your bookshelf, tv-stand, or otaku shrine. Whether you’re looking to purchase all the Senshi, or just your favorite character, these standalone figures come for every Sailor Guardian (Sailor Saturn is currently available for pre-order).

Shopping Link: Banpresto’s Amazon Store

You’re welcome. -Marirose

Adagio Tea’s Signature Fandom Blends

Who doesn’t love curling up with a book and a steaming cup of tea over Christmas break? With Adagio’s Tea Signature Fandom Blends, you can order tea customized with your favorite character.  Love Harry Potter? Try the BeerButter blend with black tea, natural caramel flavor, natural creme flavor,  and natural vanilla flavor. From Attack on Titan to Okami, Adagio Tea has just about every major fandom covered.

In addition to great tasting tea (the ratings speak for themselves), your loose herbs and spices will arrive in uniquely decorated 5oz tins or 3oz pouches.

Shopping Link: Adagio Tea’s Signature Fandom Store

You’re welcome. -Marirose

Now before you rush off to finish your Christmas shopping, leave us a note in the comments below! Is there anything we missed? Let us know what you want for Christmas this year. Peace & Good Tidings to you from the Dashing Nerds!


Written by: Darling Otaku

Moonie. Aspires to become a unicorn. Married to Mr. Dashing himself. YA Fantasy Writing Blog: https://sanbornsmith.wordpress.com/

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