2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Are you looking for something special for the nerd in your life? From board games for the whole squad to merchandise for the uberfan, we’ve pulled together the top list of recommendations for nerds of all kinds! Check out our gift guide recommendations below:


Sphero® Star Wars BB-9E App-Enabled Droid

Recommended for: Star Wars Fans
Retail Price:$129.99 – $149.99
Available at: Target, Walmart, Amazon.com

“There’s a new disturbance in the Force. BB-9E is a menacing Astromech Droid of the First Order. Control it with your smart device and keep it rolling optimally through holographic simulations with the Droid Trainer. This is not the Droid you’re looking for…. it’s the Droid that’s looking for you.”– Sphero

For fans of the Dark Side, this app-controlled BB-9E model is sure to please. The BB-9E’s design allows it to move as seen in the Star Wars films. Included in the box is the USB charger and station to keep BB9-E rolling.

Harry Potter Quote Coasters by ArcadiaHomeCreations (Etsy)

Recommended for: Harry Potterheads, LOTR Fans, and More!
Retail Price: $10.94 (set of 4)
Available atArcadiaHomeCreations

Get your Harry Potter fan their favorite quote as a coaster. The Arcadia Home Creations Etsy Store 22 magical lines to choose from. The store also has a set of Hogwarts House crest coasters, as well as the Maurauder’s Map set if your nerd appreciates a spot of mischief as they drink.

By the way, Arcadia Home Creations also boasts a wide collection of coasters for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings fans! My personal favorite is the “What about Second Breakfast?”coaster set.


The Super NES Classic Edition Console (Currently Unavailable)

Recommended for: Retro fans
Retail Price: $79.99
Available at: Currently Sold Out. This item was stocked by Walmart, Target, Amazon, Game Stop, and Best Buy

“The Super NES Classic Edition system looks and feels just like the original ’90s home console, except it’s super small. Play 20 classic Super NES games plus *gasp* the never-before-released Star Fox™ 2 game!”Nintendo

If you managed to get your hands on this treasure before they sold out, more power to you! The SNES Classic comes with two remotes for multiplayer and 21 iconic games built in, such as Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and Super Punch-Out! Nintendo has stated that they plan to restock retail shelves before the holidays are over. If you want an update on this item, you can follow Now in Stock, which gives availability updates. Beware of scalpers on this hot item. With the demand higher than Mario can jump, plenty SNES Classics are available on eBay and other sites for an inflated price.  If your nerd can’t wait, be sure to read seller reviews before you make any type of purchase like this!

The Nintendo Switch Console w/ Mario Odyssey System Bundle

Recommended for: The Nintendo Fan (Basically everyone)
Retail Price: $359.99
Available at: GameStop

Nintendo really powered up their sales with the Switch this year! Not only did they bring us an astonishing new selection of games in Breath of the Wild (read our review) and Mario Odyssey, but they pulled off a portable-and-home console in one system. Nintendo did this on the first try, too! We can’t recommend this system enough!

“Super Mario Odyssey is easily the best platforming game in the past 20 years. Somehow, in 2017, this game brought freshness to platformers, which other developers have been trying to do for years. And you can quote me on that.”- Greg @DashingNerds

For a full list of the available Switch bundles, click here.


Lockable Wooden Case Chest for Card Decks/Coins by KakapopoTCG (Etsy)

Recommended for: DnD Players, Card Collectors, Fantasy Nerds
Retail Price: $30.81
Available at: Esty

This versatile little chest comes from one of our favorite Etsy vendors, KakapopoTCG. If you remember our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide, we listed one of this shop’s items there, too! The chest is the perfect size for tabletop gamers. With this magical chest, your nerd won’t pull their hair out wondering where all those tiny game pieces went! Check out the reviews for more information, and be sure to take a look at the other useful items in the shop!

Magic The Gathering: “Unstable” Booster Packs (Releasing Dec. 8th)

Recommended for: The Casual MTG Player/ MTG Collector
Retail Price: $3.99 per pack

“A silver-bordered, non-tournament-legal product that creates a whimsical, fun, and downright unforgettable experience your players will be talking about for years to come.” – Wizards

This “illegal” booster pack (you can’t play it in tournaments) promises new silver-bordered cards, which will focus on bending the rules of MTG as we know it. If the MTG fan in your life enjoys playing against friends instead of competitively, these booster packs make a perfect stocking stuffer! By the way, if you’re looking for a few spectacular card or two, check out our Magic Card of the Week articles for a recommendation. Just check out your beloved player’s collection prior to purchasing.



Mechs vs. Minions tabletop game by RIOT Games (2-4 Players)

Recommended for: Tabletop Gamers
Retail Price: $75 + Shipping
Available at: Riot Games

“Mechs vs Minions is a cooperative tabletop campaign set in the League of Legends universe for you and up to three of your most genius-ish yordle friends. You’ll program and pilot your new mechs through 10 minion-mashing missions, each of which will take around 60-90 minutes. What do you mean this doesn’t look safe? ” –Riot Games

While you can’t get this game in stores, the shipping may be worth it for the tabletop fan. Mechs vs. Minions has received over 7 awards from Golden Geek and was a nominee for the SXSW Tabletop Game of the Year for 2017. The box, as shown in the video above, includes five boards, a command line for each player, and an army of 100 minions. Currently, Mechs vs. Minions is only available direct from the supplier. Place your order now to get it before the holidays are over!

Scythe board game by Stonemaier Games (1-5 Players)

Recommended for: Strategists
Retail Price: $56.99 – $63.99
Available at:
Stomping Grounds Game Shop, local retailers, Walmart.com

“Create an empire with monstrous mechs and industrious workers in this alternate-history, 115-minute board game for 1-5 competitors.” – Stonemaier Games

Does your nerd want to rule the world? This recommendation comes from our friends over at Stomping Grounds Game Shop! Set in the alternate 1920s, this board game concept was launched by Stonemaier Games via Kickstarter. Each player must follow their own path, starting the game in a different location and with hidden objectives. Gather resources and build an empire that runs like a well-oiled machine in Scythe.


Additional Strategy Games:


Kigurumi (Animal Onsies)

Recommended for: The Cute Nerd
Retail Price: $59.99 – $65.99
Available at: http://kigurumi-shop.com

When Dashing Nerds went to Youmacon this year, we found Kigurumi fashion EVERYWHERE. Naturally, I had to get my own (it’s a pink unicorn). And why shouldn’t this trend blow up? Kigurumi are not only adorable, soft, and fluffy—they are perfect for nearly every occasion. Kigurumi gives nerds the chance to channel their inner spirit animal…

Thanks for checking out our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide! Didn’t find the right gift? Take a look at our guides from last year with classic nerd recommendations.

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May the Force be with you this Holiday Season!


Written by: Darling Otaku

Moonie. Aspires to become a unicorn. Married to Mr. Dashing himself. YA Fantasy Writing Blog: https://sanbornsmith.wordpress.com/

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