Captain America: Civil War

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Captain America: Civil War *Spoiler Free*

Review by guest nerd, Robert Butler! Check out his production company site and other things he has done at !

Captain America Civil War was a pretty good movie. It had a lot going on—some of it meshed well and others not so much. I’ll mention a few things that I liked and some that could have been better.

First off, Civil War is one of my favorite comic book storylines of all time. It’s not just your typical hero vs hero fight, but it dealt with some weighty issues. The movie followed the spirit of the comic storyline, but not quite the exact details. The central conflict of the film is control; the United Nations believe the Avengers need oversight after an extreme amount of collateral damage from their epic battles. Tony Stark thinks they need to be put in check, but Cap doesn’t think that’s the wisest decision. Both characters have valid reasons for why they’re for and against the measure, which they lay that out pretty quickly in the film. Meanwhile, Civil War continues the plot line of Cap and Bucky from Winter Soldier, and also introducing two new characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Spider-Man (he can finally play with the other MCU kids!) and Black Panther. This movie is jam packed with plots and action. Even though there were a ton of characters in this film, it was still very much a Captain America movie.

Let’s get to what I loved about the movie. Black Panther and Spider-Man are the greatest parts of this movie. Black Panther is a warrior prince on a mission. His fight scenes were some of my favorite moments of the film. I loved how they portrayed as both a warrior and royalty. All the characters respected both titles that he held. I loved the way he moved and how he fought. It was all very fluid and smooth. Tom Holland’s  youth and enthusiasm was picture perfect for a young Spidey. His interactions with the cast, Tony Stark in particular, were really great. Not a lot of time was spent on his back story, which was good. I don’t think they would have had the time to explain it. Watching Spiderman and Black Panther in action was a dream come true.

And speaking of action, it was top notch. A lot of the action was framed and filmed by the directors of John Wick. It had a certain slickness to it. The action scenes, which were plenty, were well done. Especially the much hyped airport scene. Comic book and action fans won’t be let down. There were one-on-one fights, group fights and everything in between. It was a joy to watch.

As much as I loved certain aspects of the film, there were other parts that didn’t work for me. This being the longest Marvel film to date, it ran into similar issues that Batman v Superman had with pacing. The film jumped all over the place, from location to location with sometimes loose threads connecting them. Also, the villain of the story was very weak. Zemo could have been left completely out of the film and the outcome wouldn’t have been any different. His actions, at times, didn’t really make much sense. He left a lot to chance and hoped the heroes would figure out certain things. My issue with Zemo is that to me he was only in the film so as not to paint Cap or Iron Man as villains in the film. He’s the orchestrator of it all and he’s the real villain. He could have been saved for a different movie and let the focus be on Cap and Iron Man’s struggle.

Marvel played it very safe with this movie. For all the plotting, in the end, a lot stayed the same. Despite everything that happened, there weren’t any real consequences. I wish the film had more at a stake. If you read the Civil War comic, you know what I mean. I won’t spoil it, but you can probably guess.

Overall, it was a good film. It was better than Age of Ultron, but I loved Winter Soldier more than Civil War. It had spectacular action, but the story didn’t grip me the way Winter Soldier did.

The Good

  • Spider-Man and Black Panther are great new additions and were pulled off extremely well
  • Spectacular action scenes!
  • Continuation of the Cap and Bucky storyline from the Winter Solider
  • Impressive juggling act with using so many characters

The Bad

  • Some pacing issues
  • Zemo's lack of any real impact on the plot
  • Marvel played it a bit too safe, no real consequences

Written by: Scott White

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