Destiny: The Taken King

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Destiny: The Prodigal Son Cometh!

The king has come and he is not very happy. When I first heard that Destiny’s new expansion was going to be $40, I said, “Eh, no thanks.” I had gotten to the point in my Destiny game time that I had stopped playing. “Vanilla” Destiny wasn’t keeping me interested anymore; the endless grind to nothing was just not entertaining (I also didn’t have a Ghally, so no one liked me). I had fought through the Vault, journeyed deep in the Moon to battle the Hive, and defeated the Kell of Kells. I was ready to check out from Destiny for good, but man, am I glad I didn’t!

The Taken King expansion of the original game by Bungie, is by far the best, most entertaining update yet. This is the experience we have been asking for, pleading for, and complaining about not having ever since Ghost (R.I.P. Dinklebot) found and gave us life again. With Oryx comes the Dreadnaught, four new strikes, reinvigoration of Legacy Strikes with different varieties of enemies, a higher level cap, an overhaul of the light leveling system, Engrams that don’t leave you disappointed, and a more balanced gameplay that rewards the players that spend time playing rather than through sheer, dumb luck.


If it wasn’t for life—school, my wife, and the dog requiring bathroom breaks–I would be playing this game every waking minute! It is seriously my main obsession, and I wish to indulge! The very hour I signed on and began my exploration of the Dreadnaught, I was enraptured. The size and scale of the Hive flagship, as well as the invisible platforms (nice addition to my anxiety) are truly impressive. I played for hours–until my eyes were dried and my body wrecked. And yet my soul was full, as I had accomplished so much and had a great time doing it. I went to bed knowing full-well that there was even more to explore and conquer tomorrow. My sleep was plagued by the only thing I hate about Taken King–the stupid captains and their Dark Blasts.

Whether you are new to the game or a hardcore year one player, now is the time to suit up and save the universe. The Taken King content is worth every penny and you are going to want to be on this ride wherever it goes. Every day, more and more content, weapons, and goodies are being discovered, and it shows no signs of stopping my friends. So gather your fire team and gear up! It’s time to raid the Dreadnaught and achieve glory!


Written by: Garett

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