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Mobius Final Fantasy: Game Impression

Do you tire of the flat feel of mobile games? Long for fuller console graphics and adventure on your device? Done! Final Fantasy Mobius is a mobile game with the beauty of console games. Square Enix did a fantastic job on creating a game simple enough for your phone and complex enough to satisfy JRPG console fans. Through this impression, I’ll give you the gist of what it’s like to join the Mobius universe.

Do you remember your name?

At the start of the game, the player gets a wonderful cinematic introducing the world of Palamecia. After a brief explanation, the narration asks for a name for the character. This can be anything, but remember that others can see it too. Oh, didn’t he mention? Everyone is called a [Blank] and they all have the potential to become the Warrior of Light…but only one of them will. Battling monsters created by Chaos, you can  become the next Warrior of Light by fulfilling the prophecy to save the world!


How do I fight?

After that wonderful cinematic… look out! A monster spawns to begin the combat tutorial! Final Fantasy console fans are used to this, but pay close attention; the mobile system has its own style. To attack, all that has to be done is to tap the screen. As you attack, elemental orbs are gathered to use abilities. Here’s where the strategy comes in. These ability orbs are selected prior to battle.  Each of the monsters have an element, which is something to remember when picking an ability to use against them. Fire opposes Water,  Earth opposes Wind, etc.


Which deck shall I pick?

Two jobs become available to choose at the game’s start. The Apprentice Mage, which uses magic as its attack style, and the Neophyte Ranger with its double daggers. After choosing a job, abilities are next. These can be purchased in the Ability Shop or acquired by defeating monsters created by Chaos. Abilities can be equipped to the deck of choice. You start with three decks and gain more as the game progresses. Each ability has an affinity to one of the three job types, plus the support type. Supports usually cast Brave, which increases the attack of the player, or Faith, which improves the power of abilities. There are many different supports to discover and most you can find in the Ability Shop.



Final Fantasy Thoughts

Overall, the game is very aesthetically pleasing. There are options to change the graphic quality to save the device some battery life or processing. It keeps track of the highest score that you have achieved and ranks you with other players. Then, at the end of the weekly cycle, players are rewarded for where they stand in those rankings. The gameplay is simplified with the auto button, which has a very accurate and well-designed AI to take into consideration what would need to be done and what abilities should be used for optimum battle efficiency. Keeping your deck up to date and upgraded will help tremendously while going through the game.


The Good

  • Good storyline
  • Simple deck building
  • Fluid animation and graphics
  • Cheap option to purchase add-ons

The Bad

  • Sadly, no quests
  • Combat can become complex

Written by: Hero Logarin

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