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My Name is Mayo Review

You Tap A Jar of Mayo.

I had never heard of this title till today when I was randomly surfing Youtube at work. I came across the video “2016 Trophy Awards: Top 10 Easiest PS4 Platinums of the Year”  I was intrigued by the premise.  You tap a mayo jar, and you get a platinum.   At .99 cents, I decided to get it when I got home, and yea, got myself a platinum.

This is a jar of mayo.

 And Put It In Silly Outfits.

No real story here…but you do get random facts, such as when Diet Coke was invented. Don’t want to give any spoilers though, so play through yourself!

This is a jar of mayo, dressed like a mime.

Like a Bikini.

You tap a jar of mayo with the X button, and can put it in random outfits. You spam “X” harder in this than you do in the old Dynasty Warriors games, and that is saying something.

This is a jar of mayo, dressed in a bikini.

Or a Potato.

Well, I suppose the amount of content here depends on how fast you can click a button? If you click slowly, you’ll spend more time on it.

This is a potato–oh, my mistake, this is a jar of mayo dressed like a potato.

And Then Click More.

Well the jar of mayo has a nice painting style like look to it, and the outfits look like you would expect them to. If, you know, they were on a jar of mayo.

This is a jar of mayo dressed like a rock star.

Miracle Whip Is Better.

If you are in desperate need to boost your profile score, you enjoy platinum hunting, or just want to strain your wrist, then My Name is Mayo is the game for you!  Considering this is also a cross-buy title, if you have a Vita you will be getting two platinum trophies for .99 cents, and in about an hour.

The Good

  • .99 cents for a platinum trophy. 2 platinums if you have a vita.

The Bad

  • It actually costs money
  • Pain in my wrist after tapping a button 10,000 times.
  • Miracle Whip is better.

Written by: Scott White

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