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Star Wars: Battlefront Review – A New Hope?

Star Wars is on everyone’s mind these days. The Force Awakens recently toppled Avatar to become the highest grossing domestic film of all time. With Star Wars fever running high, EA and Dice decided to capitalize by releasing a new entry in the long dormant Battlefront series. But does this new game take us back to a galaxy far far away?

A Force to Be Reckoned With

Battlefront is a beautiful game; everything from the five different worlds to the X-Wing Fighters are rendered in movie accurate detail. You actually feel like you’re soaring over Hoth in Rebel snow speeders or fighting a ground war on Endor.

The Soundtrack is amazing; one can expect to hear many samples from various John Williams tracks. Where Battlefront falters in the sound department, however, is the choice of voice actors for the different heroes and villains. Only a few actors from the movies reprise their roles in this game. Anthony Daniels and Temuera Morrison are present as C-3PO and Boba Fett respectively, but Darth Vader just doesn’t sound right without the timbre of James Earl Jones behind him.

A More Elegant Weapon For A More Civilized Time

With a default control layout similar to other popular first person shooters, Battlefront is very easy to pick and jump right into. Vehicle control is also very smooth and intuitive. There are also several different options to fine-tune your controls if the default settings are not to your liking, such as inverting the Y-axis in both ground and flight combat. The PS4 version of Battlefront allows the Dual Shock 4’s touchpad to quickly use special abilities in combat. There’s even an optional control layout for left handed players.

Character progression in multiplayer is handled just like the recent Call of Duty games. Players are able to earn credits and levels to customize their characters with different weapons and abilities. The game is pretty generous with how it distributes experience points and also offers various challenges to earn a little extra. All of which make it very easy to still enjoy the gameplay and progress, even if you’re not always at the top of the leaderboards.

A Much Larger World?

The third entry in the series has a very strong emphasis on multiplayer; Battlefront boasts 9 different multiplayer modes. Take to the skies in Fighter Squadron or have a Heroes Vs Villains duel with some classic Star Wars characters– it’s up to you. A free DLC pack offers players the chance to duke it out for supremacy on the new planet Jakku from The Force Awakens. Said level also sheds some light on certain events which may slightly spoil The Force Awakens.

With so much variety in the multiplayer, it’s sad that there is very little single player content to enjoy. The game offers a few unique training missions and the ability to play the maps with bots, but there is no campaign mode in sight. Vehicle selection in multiplayer is also lackluster, with only a few different types for both Rebel and Imperial forces to choose from. While EA offers the option to purchase a season pass and get more content, it would’ve been nicer to simply have a more robust base game and not be gouged with paid DLC.

Another huge disappointment was a lack of regular voice chat in matches. While you can party it up with a few friends and plot a way to victory, there is no way to talk to your other teammates other than through emotes. This feels like a huge oversight on EA’s part, especially since the modes in Battlefront are all team based.

The Force Will Be With You, Always

Battlefront, while a great Star Wars game, is ultimately a shallow experience compared to previous entries in the franchise. The heavy focus on multiplayer and barebones single player content may leave a bad taste in the mouths of Star Wars fans. Savvier players might want to wait for a price drop or a version with the season pass content included before deciding if it’s worth their hard earned credits.

The Good

  • Extensive Multiplayer
  • Easy To Pick Up Controls

The Bad

  • Barebones Single Player
  • Locked Season Pass Content Means A Less Robust Base Game
  • Zero Voice Chat Options

Written by: Mike Panetta

Watcher of Anime

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