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The Price is Right: Death by Gameshow the Review

We here at Dashing Nerds love indie games. And since they were so gracious to let us review their game, we present Oointah’s Death by Gameshow. Death by Gameshow is a unique title in that I really cant categorize it any other way than semi real time tower defense in a circular setting. Beat the enemies, outlive the clock, and meet your money goal to move on to the next challenge. Match your robot team to your enemies and run for your life to live!

The world has been taken over by robots and you are made to play a game, defend yourself for cash! You complete missions, earn cash, and advance. Each mission you complete unlocks new towers and units, to hurt enemies, slow them, spawn new units to defend you and so on. There is also quite a bit of humor to the game.

Pop culture references are bountiful in the game, mostly uttered by the robot overlords. Oointah also puts their clever spin on things with the way the game is played, in the simplest terms, try not to die. Spawn robots from your G.I.M.P. (and I wish I was making that up) to kill the other robots before they kill you. Sometimes when robots die they spawn cash. Remember that gold miner game where you grab chunks of gold with a grappling hook, like from 7th grade? It has that too! That’s how you grab the money that is dropped by the robots you kill!

One of the reasons I love this game, and don’t take this the wrong way, is because it is so hard. I have tried countless levels over and over again to beat them, failed many times, but still try over and over again to complete them. You can spawn towers to help you slow and defeat enemy robots but again it is very, very hard.

From what I have seen there are a ton of levels and even a creator that allows you to craft your own levels. Oointah is even offering rewards for recording funny unique clips. You wont find yourself bored as Death by Gameshow can melt away the minutes with its challenging gameplay and endless possibilities. Check out this title on Steam and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Dashing Nerds gives Death by Gameshow a 7/10

The Good

  • Challenging
  • Humorous

The Bad

  • Somewhat Repetative

Written by: Greg

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