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**A Note to the Hipsters/Trolls: This review is based on the qualities of the remaster itself. It does not discuss or go into detail of the original story, mechanics, or issues of Resident Evil 0 proper. If you have not played the older title before, we recommend checking out a full review of the game from any number of other reputable gaming sites, such as IGN or Gamespot. If you have played the game before and liked it, chances are you will enjoy the remaster. And if you hated the original game (due to any reason but the controls), you will continue to not like RE0. K, thanx bye**

Resident Evil 0 was originally conceived for the Nintendo 64, but ended up switching its development to the Gamecube before releasing in 2002. It later re-released in 2009 on the Wii. Now, in 2016, continuing in the footsteps of last year’s Resident Evil HD Remaster, RE0 made its way to Playstation 3,4 and the Xbox 360/One on January 19th. But does RE0 carry on Capcom’s track record of well done remasters?

These Zombies Had Face Lifts, Didn’t They?

Last year’s Resident Evil HD Remaster was pretty sick; with updated resolution, cleaner textures, and a new control scheme, there’s no question on the quality of the product. Resident Evil 0 carries over many of the same improvements. Growing up, I didn’t have a chance to play my first Resident Evil game until right before the PS2 was released, and I just couldn’t get my head around the tank controls of the early titles. When the first game’s remaster was released last year with the updated controls, I instantly got more out of it, and the same can be said with the new control system for Resident Evil 0. The new model is the default control scheme when you start the game, so if you are used to the old tank controls, you will be disoriented right away…until you can change the input back to the original setup. A nice option for the hipsters out there. You are now also able to select a 16.9 resolution to run the game in. It fills out the screen on modern televisions, but if you switch from the original aspect ratio back to the 16:9, you will notice that a decent area of the screen has been cut off to accommodate this.


Snapshot_20160201_201427RE0 4:3

In terms of visual updates, not only were textures cleaned up and made a higher resolution, but character, enemy, and environment models were actually improved and enhanced to look better in the remaster. With the improved lighting, models, and textures, it is astounding that this first version originally came out 14 years ago. It is a testament to the truth that great visual design and themes are timeless. Of special note, the PC version includes a 60fps mode that isn’t available on consoles.

A New Way to Kill Zombies

One of the biggest additions to the HD Remaster of RE0 is the inclusion of the brand new Wesker Mode. After beating the game, you unlock this new mode, which replaces Billy with series’ antagonist, Albert Wesker. Wesker isn’t a simple reskin either; he comes with a few incredible abilities, such as eye lasers, and is an agile, dashing fellow (we mean he literally runs quickly, not that he’s like our dapper team). Ms. Chambers also receives a special Wesker Mode themed costume. Modes like this definitely are a fun reason to pick up remasters, even if you have beaten the game on a previous version.

For the Love of the Braaaaaaains…Er, Fans.

Now, for those who complain that remastered games are done simply for a cash grab. An easy buck. In some cases, this is true; developers think that some higher resolutions and frame rates are worth charging consumers another $50-$60. Luckily, much like the original Resident Evil HD Remaster from last year, RE0 HD Remaster has had serious work done to it. From the improved models, textures, controls, screen resolutions, the 60fps mode on PC, plus the inclusion of the brand new Wesker mode, you can tell that this game was a labor of love for fans. You can pick this title up individually for $20 digitally, or you can pick up a physical copy in the Resident Evil Origins Collection on PS4 or Xbox One for $40. This is, by far, the best way to experience Resident Evil 0, and with the Resident Evil 2 complete remake coming in the future, it is a great time to revisit the series or get started for the first time. Now here’s hoping for a Resident Evil 3 and Code:Veronica HD Remasters, too!

The Good

  • The updated character, enemy, and environment models and textures look stunning
  • Wesker Mode is a great new addition to bring back people that have already beaten this game in the past
  • PC version has a 60fps mode

The Bad

  • The 16:9 aspect ratio, while nice cuts off a good amount of the screen
  • The console versions are capped at 30fps, even on current gen beasts, the PS4 and Xbox One

Written by: Scott White

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