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Tokyo Tattoo Girls Review

***We would like to thank NIS for giving us a steam code to review their game.***


Tokyo is destroyed. Districts in shambles and run by different gangs, all led by girls. Their power lies in the tattoos they possess. It’s up to you, the Tattoo Master, to help guide a young girl into uniting all the districts of Tokyo through her beliefs.

Which One First?

In the beginning, the player gets to choose their first district to control. The first step to tyranny! I mean… whaaaa? Five districts are available to choose from to get a start on ruling Tokyo. Be careful, though! The district you take first will come with tattoos that benefit you in the beginning. There are options that can be used to help the player out of rough situations and to gain more followers for the gang.

Gaining money in the beginning of the game is not that hard on Easy Mode, but as the difficulty goes up the player has to be more mindful about what they spend their Yen on. Some of the options will reduce the chances of turf wars between the player’s disciples, the punks, and the enemy. The same can be said in the reverse; when the difficulty goes up, it becomes harder to prevent turf wars and to gain additional disciples.

What is All This?

There are some key interface elements that should be pointed out in Tokyo Tattoo Girls. In the top left corner of the screen is the Honor bar. The bar will decrease in length when there is a loss in a turf war or if the player clicks the Siren icon. Loss of a turf war will be more of a loss than clicking the Siren, but it does have a chance for a mini fight that could result in a win rewarded with additional disciples.

In the lower right, there is a bar that represents the ratio between your disciples, punks, and enemies from all the wards. How much money the player has, as well as the HQ button, will appear here to access the headquarters menu. How much charisma, threat, wards conquered and invaded, and start day are displayed here as well as the access to tattooing the girls. Finally, in the upper right is where access to the settings are located and what day it is in game.

Nice Tat!

When starting a new game, the player has six young girls to choose from to lead to victory. Their objective is to unite the 23 districts of Tokyo. Each one has their own spunky personalities, beliefs, and styles of ink. Only females receive powers from these tattoos, which explains the selection of leaders. I guess when your town is destroyed, young girls can get tattoos. These tattoos give different kinds of influences toward the many districts: Poor, Wealthy, Residential, Commercial, Cultural, Racketeer, Brawler, Strategist, and Moderate.

There is a tattoo that will increase the amount of money gained from districts and cash cases that appear on screen. Each of these tattoos has a different cost amount and some are more expensive than others. The uniqueness of each girls’ tattoo is completely brought out by their personalities. It gives a feeling like each one is apart of them, like how we, in real life, get tattoos that represent a piece of ourselves.

Tokyo Girl Abilities

Each girl has the same number of abilities available, but which ones they can use will vary. There are a few abilities that range from small to large reductions to the alert level for each ward, which will decrease the chances of a turf war. Since the player never wants to have their Honor drop to zero, there is also a handy ability that will return a small portion of Honor.

Too many enemies and want to reduce their numbers? There is an ability for that! The player can buy a portion of the enemy’s numbers in that ward with a kind of bribe ability, but there is a seven-day cooldown to use it again. One of the abilities has a thirty-day cooldown, but is also a double-edged sword. It will prevent turf wars, but it will also prevent recruiting in the selected ward for seven days. In addition to these useful choices, there are still three character-based abilities for each girl that can be similar to the base abilities.

Boss battles

It’s time to duel! Well, in a moment. A boss battle will occur when there are no more enemies in the ward. There is a dialogue that occurs between the player’s girl and the boss, discussing their personal reasons to be leaders. After a bit of conversation, the player’s girl gets three options, one of them being the best answer to give the boss, while the others only progress the story. If the best answer is chosen, a wonderful prize is given to the player at the end of the fight (assuming it’s a win).

Once the battle is finished, the ward is united and a new tattoo is placed on the back of the player’s girl. When all of the districts fall to defeat, a new tattoo, one exclusively to each district will appear and total victory is secured. After that, there is a nice little cutscene between the girl and the Tattoo Master (the player).

Didn’t get all the rewards from boss conversations? Replay the story again to find the correct answer!

It Is Finished

Overall,  Tokyo Tatoo Girls was pretty entertaining from a tactical standpoint. I very much enjoyed the art of the characters and the tattoos, especially with them all being unique. Trying to view the amounts of disciples, enemies, and punks in each zone became tedious with moving between menus. As portions of the game are completed with each girl, more decorative items become available for the headquarters.

Strategy difficulty

Lots of menus to move between



Written by: Hero Logarin

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