10 things I wish Nintendo would change

My fanatical devotion to Nintendo knows few bounds and has earned me a certain level of notoriety over the years. From arguing the superiority of the SNES over the Genesis back on the playground in grade school to refuting the beliefs that Nintendo’s products are nothing but ‘toys for little kids’,

What’s up with Miitomo?

Even when Nintendo borrows from other sources, they find ways to innovate and be fresh, and that is clear with Miitomo, their new app for select smart devices. Less of a game and more of a social networking app with a cute shell, Miitomo released about a week ago to

Nintendo’s New Console: NX Rumor Roundup

I’m a long time Nintendo fan and have owned every major Nintendo console. Even though they’ve made some pretty bad mistakes, I’ve stood by Nintendo and been happy with the products they’ve delivered. And today, for better or for worse, the Wii U is approaching the end of its life


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