Corey’s Top 5 Anime of 2016

Wow, 2016! What a year, right? Well in terms of anime, heck yeah, we had a great year! So let’s take a look at a few.

#5. Yuri!!! On Ice

This one surprised me. I never thought figure skating would make a great anime, but this series is fantastic. Starting out, it seems like a regular sports anime, but after the first few episodes I can see why Yaoi fans have been screaming for more. I personally enjoyed the character Victor Nikiforov. He is so suave and cool-headed, but is still taken seriously as a character. Underdog protagonist Yuri is a delight to watch. Seeing his transformation from “piggy” to a master of “eros” has been very entertaining. The developing relationship between the two characters is very lighthearted and charming. This series has it all; between great animation, epic rivalries, comedy, and all of that sweet boys’ love–this is a must see.


#4. Haikyū!! (Season 3)

The flightless crows fly again this season as we see the team’s hard work pay off with a battle against Shiratorizawa Academy, the number one team in the prefecture. The show does not disappoint in building up to this moment, as the game had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. We see spirits of teammates broken and pieced back together by their comrades. The raw emotion and determination on display is something that you can only find in sports. Shows like this really bring back the great feelings from when I played school sports. Given how the battle ends, I’m really hoping they leave the door open for another season – it’d definitely be on my to-watch list.


#3. Berserk (2016)

Berserk fans rejoice! After nearly twenty years, we finally got a season two. It was great seeing more of the story unfold in front of our eyes. It had all the blood and guts (and Guts!) we had become accustomed to in the first installment. My only complaint is the use of CGI animation. I understand that animation has changed in leaps and bounds since the first season debuted, but this decision really took the series back a step. It just didn’t have the same feel. Despite that, seeing Guts back in all of his glory makes it a must-watch. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for this one.


#2. My Hero Academia

This series really had me wanting more after each weekly episode. It was refreshing to watch a character have to work for his superpower in a world where those powers come naturally to most people. All Might plays a great role model for Midoriya in a literal passing of the torch. Each power in this story is so strange and unique, you can’t help but wonder what they will do next. It also reminds viewers to never give up, no matter how tall the mountain you have to climb to reach your dreams. The announcement for the upcoming second season fills me with excitement to see what happens to this kid next!


#1. Dragon Ball Super

Hold on a second, what year are we in? I mean, new episodes of Dragon Ball make me feel like a kid again! Although it technically began last year with the retelling of the two new movies (Battle of Gods and Resurrection F), 2016 brought us brand new story arcs. With these new arcs we get awesome new characters, different worlds, and multiple universes; we are in for a treat with this new Dragon Ball series. There is a lot of filler, but I would like to say I have thoroughly enjoyed the on-screen return of the Dr. Slump characters. It made me so happy seeing Arale and Senbei Norimaki being used again and to see Suppaman still the butt of many jokes. Next year we are approaching a new major arc called Universal Survival, and Android 17 makes his first appearance for the series – which I’m very excited for. Also, Funimation has just started dubbing the show, so very good news for Dragon Ball dub fans.


Alright, this concludes my list of series I have most enjoyed this year. If you haven’t gotten to see these yet, please check them out soon. And let us know in the comments what you’ve been watching!  I look forward to 2017 and what new series and seasons lay ahead. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year.


Written by: Corey Wait

Anime Lover, Video Game Connoisseur, All Around Otaku.

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