Hello, fellow nerds! Today we are excited to announce the gifts that have made our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Here you will find a selection of hand-picked items from our lovely staff to help you choose something for that special someone who may be particularly hard to shop for. This list will be split up with a section for people on a budget and for those willing to lay down some coin for a unique buy.




Deck Boxes

Assorted Deck Boxes: by Kakapopo – $14-$61

Browsing Etsy I stumbled upon these amazing deck boxes by Kakapopo. He has something for every price range and his work looks absolutely amazing. If you have a Magic nerd or Yu-Gi-Oh fan in your life these are a must have. Whether they have one deck or ten, Kakapopo has you covered with wood or metal cases to fit any style!

Find it here!


Attack on Titan (XB1, PS4)- $59.99

We were pleasantly surprised by this title. The critically acclaimed anime series Attack on Titan has spawned a superbly in-depth RPG with a buttery smooth combat system and great storyline. With a ton of customizability and hours of gameplay this is a must for any fan of the series.

Find it here!

Power Rangers Legacy Ninja Megazord – $99

For men and women who grew up with the original Power Rangers in the 90s, the Legacy line of Megazords and props have been great!  With the Legacy Ninja Megazord release, the high attention to detail, show accuracy, and addition of dicast metal parts that the Legacy line is known for, continues on.  With the five individual zords that can combine together, this Megazord is a great gift for any adult that loved the rangers as kids, or for the new generation of rangers that are learning the roots of the series.  Much like the original release, if you own the Legacy Falcon Zord too, then you can combine with this figure to create the all powerful, Ninja Mega Falcon Zord!

Find it here!

Gundam Breaker 3 Asia Version w/ English Subtitles (PS4/Vita) – $52.99

With Gundam Breaker 3 you are given the power to create and fight with your very own Gundam.  From paint, weathering, weaponry, and equipment you have tons of freedom in which to create the ultimate gundam!  The Asia release includes full English support with the exception of voice work, which is Japanese.  If you like Gundam, are a fan of the system tweaking of Armored Core, definitely give this import a try!

Find it here!

Metal Plate Game/Anime Art – Varies

Don’t settle for a simple poster, with the metal plate posters from Displates.com, you can find all manners of well done and interesting pieces that include your favorite characters!  With numerous categories of prints to choose from you can get ones that include your favorite anime, video game, or television show characters!

Find it here!


Final Fantasy XV (PS4, X1)

Originally announced as Final Fantasy VERSUS XIII 10 years ago at E3, Final Fantasy XV is finally here (well in a week from this writing anyway)!  With beautiful visuals, a new exciting action RPG combat system akin to Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV is a must own for any RPG or Final Fantasy fan on your holiday list!

Find it here!

Pokemon Sun/Moon (3DS)

Pokemon is one of those timeless game series that you can enjoy regardless of what age you are.  Whether you are 10 or 50 you can find something to enjoy.  The latest title in the series has just been released and has a lot of homages to the earlier games for long time fans.  If you’ve been out of the training game for a while,  Sun and Moon is a great place to jump back in with!

Sun- Find it here!

Moon- Find it here!

Saitama Nendoroid Figure- $38.99

ONE PUNCHHHHHHHH!!! But seriously look how cute this little guy is. For the One Punch Man fan in your life this is an awesome little desk ornament to remind them hey, life really isn’t that bad. You could have the power to kill anything in one punch, but how fun would that be?

Find it here!

Shimoneta Limited Edition Blu-ray Set- $79.99

Find it here!

Image result for nes classic edition

NES Classic Edition- $59.99

So this addition is one that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Packed with 30 of the top NES titles and ready to plug right into you TV set, the NES classic is a throwback to the days when graphics really didn’t matter. Now this one I cant put a link to because it is literally sold out everywhere but if you can find one or two snatch them up. They are a hot commodity this holiday season!

Mark McMorris: Infinite Air (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – $49.99

Do you remember SSX or heard a friend talk about it? Well there’s a new snowboarding game called Infinite Air that has more freedom at your fingertips. It takes place in a mountain scape that is filled with runs and trails preloaded that you can dive right into, or you can customize your own! There is a world editor to create your very own run or even your own mountain! There is  two player online multiplayer, a personal helicopter, circuit challenges, and character customization! Shred through holiday season with Infinite Air!

Find it here!



Budget Friendly Gift Ideas ($35 and under):

Manga University- The Manga Cookbook – $16.99

Traditional Japanese recipes paired with brilliant illustration make for a one of a kind cookbook. Introduce someone to the joys of Japanese cuisine and the thrill of manga at the same time. The book is selling fast so get to it while you can. $17 for any cookbook is a steal!

Find it here!


Image result for sailor moon dog costumes

Sailor Moon Dog Costumes- $18

Now hear me out. I have a friend that would die for something like this. Christmas gifts don’t always have to be for people, but can be for pets too! These come in a variety of Sailor Scouts and range from XS to XXL sizes. You really cant go wrong.

Find it here!


Gudetama Plush Pillow- $17.24

Japan’s lazy little egg mascot has risen to stardom over the past year. He has been seen on everything from lunchboxes to backpacks, but you can surprise somebody with their own Gudetama pillow! At $17.24 this seems like a great deal. Gudetama swag is not super easy to come by in the states but thankfully we have Amazon!

Find it here!

Killing Floor 2 (PS4, X1, PC) – $29.99

Killing Floor 2 is like a mash up of Left 4 Dead gameplay with the Horde mode from Gears of War with A LOT of exploding bodies and dismemberment thrown in.  With multiple classes each with levels to unlock, items to customize your appearance, Killing Floor 2 is a fun shooter to enjoy with friends!  It is multiplayer only, though you can practice against the AI enemies too.  It’s a fun title without the full $60 pricetag!

Find it here!


Adam Wolfe (PC) – $5.99 for first episode, $19.99 for all 4 Episodes

These games are one of my most pleasant surprises of the year.   As Adam Wolfe, paranormal investigator, you have to solve a number of mysterious cases all while trying to find your sister.  Each episode is fairly short and will only last you about 45 minutes to an hour and a half, but the point and click puzzles will still leave you entertained.

Check out our review of Episode 1 here! 

Find it here!


Written by: Dashing Nerds

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