Dashing Nerds @Youmacon 2016: Friday Coverage

Halloween may be over, but there’s no shortage of costumed characters running around downtown this weekend. Each year, Youmacon brings over 10,000 nerds to Detroit’s Cobo & Renaissance Center. This year, the convention runs Nov. 3 – Nov. 6, so there’s still time to purchase your badges for the main events! If you’re looking for a recap, the Dashing Nerds are here to give you the highlights!

Friday Cosplay Highlights

Despite the convention’s focus on Japanese anime & games, the special guests and panel topics this weekend are bringing in every facet of fans. Disney Princesses, Homestuck Trolls, Bronies, and Steampunks all have a firm presence here in cosplay.

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Events Highlights

Registration. Registration is a nightmare every year. Newbies to Youmacon are sure to be disappointed by the massive registration lines. For those who didn’t get their badges Thursday evening, they spent a good portion of their Friday memorizing the carpet patterns in Cobo Hall. Luckily for Dashing Nerds, this was a great opportunity for photos (see album above).

Opening Ceremonies. Our ears were treated to a musical number by the voice of Duke Nukem, Mr. Jon St. John. The topic? Balls of steel. After he finished (with gusto, we might add), the weekend’s other special guests paraded across the Renaissance Ballroom stage with their own set of skills. David Eddings juggled, Kieren Strange sang something British, and Austin Tindle gave a titillating Shakespearean monologue regarding Jon St. John’s belly. At least now we know whose panels we are going to!

Guest Interviews. The hype is real!! We had the honor of interviewing two special guests today: V.A.s Ian Sinclair (Space Dandy, DBZ Super, Street Fighter 5) and Cristina Vee (Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica, K-On). We’ll be posting these and more footage of special guests later this week!

Hope you enjoyed Friday’s highlights, and hope you’ll check back again tomorrow for more! See you at the convention!



Written by: Darling Otaku

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