Dashing Nerds @ Youmacon 2016: Sunday Highlights

*A Note from Darling Otaku: Apologies, dear fellow nerds, for the delay. Post-Con Depression was swift in its strike and sapped me of my creative prowess these last 48 hours. All I could type was this: 🙁 🙁 🙁 orz

Sunday Events

Sleep. Youmacon’s last day was, as expected, pretty mellow. Wanna know how everyone felt? There were no anime pillow’s left in the Dealers’ Room.

Sunday summarized in one photo:

Panels. While there weren’t many panels on Sunday, the two really interesting ones happened at the same time. This is, apparently, an unwritten rule of anime conventions.

“Show & Tell with Todd Haberkorn” and “So I Get Paid to Say This”—which included almost every voice actor except Todd Haberkorn—competed for an audience of exhausted but resolute fans. We chose to Todd panel, in which Mr. Haberkorn showed us how he wages war—on Twitter. After some jabbing Tweets at a few of the other actors for leaving him out of their panel, Todd opened his Twitter for fan Q&A. This was a delight, and we were able to get his thoughts on the all-important question below:

Hotel Check-Out. You haven’t experienced true insanity until you, along with a few thousand other humans, try to check out of your hotel at the same time…while still in cosplay. Let me tell you, most elevators aren’t equipped to fit your 8 ft tall Gundam suit AND your luggage cart. Bless the staff of the Crown and Marriot this weekend. #sanityRIP

Dealer Room. The Dealer Room was infested with fans looking to blow their leftover Gil. Anime-themed Grab bags, waifu cell-phone charms, and gorgeous wall scrolls could all be found this weekend. Cries of “I NEED THIS!” could be heard from every corner of the Dealer Room. From Steampunk hats to Ocarinas, the booths this year were packed. Thankfully, the massive aisle width at Cobo made the whole “being in a crowd” thing a lot less miserable than in years past.

Sunday Cosplay

We were blown away by the cosplay game on Sunday. The final convention day is usually reserved for PJs or cozy anime Ts, but many cosplayers wowed us with their commitment to the craft. Check out our Sunday cosplay album below:

Interviews. On Sunday, we had some guest interviews lined up with two more amazing voices in the anime industry. Michael Tatum & Austin Tindle spoke to us about their upcoming projects, their best accents, and the swanky music they workout to. We also got the chance to sit down with Kaiserneko from Team Four Star to discuss what’s next for the creator’s of some of the best Abridged series creators on the internet. You’ll be able to enjoy our hijinks soon, so stay posted here on DashingNerds.com for those interviews!


Thank you to Youmacon  & your volunteers for putting on one stellar event. A heartfelt “Arigatou” to the nerds who joined us on this convention journey and made our weekend a little more dashing. We hope to see you again next year!

If you went to Youmacon this year, we’d love to hear from you in the comment section below. For more convention news, subscribe to our website and follow us.



Written by: Darling Otaku

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