Dashing Nerds @ Youmacon: Saturday Highlights

Congratulations! If you’re reading this now, you made it through the second day of Youmacon! You may have chugged a few energy drinks and started a caffeine drip to get here, but goshdarnit, you made it! We couldn’t be prouder. +1000 Exp! Now do us all a favor and take a shower before you hit up the rave tonight.

Saturday Events

Registration. The registration line was still ginormous today. Maybe it’ll get better by Monday?

Interviews. We Dashing Nerds were lucky enough to interview some anime industry veterans today. Monica Rial, Vic Mignogna, and Joel McDonald gave their insight on the evolution of anime dubbing, as well as on the hard-hitting topic of cheese.

Guest Panels.  The line for Team Four Star’s “Main Panel” wrapped around Cobo like Snake Road.  Anthropologist Charles Dunbar dropped a knowledge bomb on his “History of Anime” panel. Vic’s Q&A session was full of feels and squeeing fangirls/boys. The 18+ crowd enjoyed Austin Tindle’s 18+ panel,”Raunchy Shakespeare”, which overflowed with genitalia euphemisms and acting wisdom. Thanks to Youmacon’s talented guests for a share of insight and laughter!

Maid Cafe.  With the purchase of a $10 ticket, a limited number guests were allowed access to Youmacon’s Maid Cafe. img_0577

Cute maids and butlers served sweets and entertained guests with card games, all while in character. One interesting tidbit: many of the maids crafted their own unique character & persona for the event in order to give their guests the best experience.


Saturday Cosplay Preview

We’re still developing our film after today’s shenanigans, but stay tuned! More cosplay photos are on their way (hint: Pokemon). For now, let us tease this Star Wars cosplay:


Check out our Facebook page for more updates and convention photos! Leave a comment if we missed your favorite event from the day.



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