E3 2017 Day 1: EA Recap!

The EA Conference has concluded and boy did we see…stuff. A lot of stuff we had seen previously. But today I’ll do a general overview for those of you that missed the conference and want a brief overview!

We started with Battlefield 1. There is a lot of new content coming in night maps and a huge DLC pack based in Russia called “In the name of the Tsar”. This will bring new maps, weapons, and more to the critically acclaimed game. Battlefield 1 will continue to become more awesome, if that is even possible.

Huck’em Chuck’em FOOBAW!

We were then hit with sports, sports, sports. Ea showed off A story mode for Madden where you play through the life of your own player. To me this is the biggest thing that could change sporting games. NBA 2K has tried to do this in a limited capacity but Madden seems to go deeper into the life of your character outside of sports. They then continued showing screenshots taken directly from the Scorpio, showing off the crazy texturing and brilliant rendering but when you get down to it, it’s football, and the texturing can only go so far.

Moving forward FIFA 18 was shown off and they talked extensively of gaming leagues and tournaments, bringing unknown gamers to the main stage where they smile, fight, cry, and win wrestling belts. I had called it “The Real Housewives of Competitive Sports Games”.

They also showed NBA 2K and it looked like they tried to show gameplay but did a lot of zooming in and out and spinning the camera. They focused heavily on your characters journey and a lot of time showing street ball. We still know that they don’t have the power to overthrow NBA 2K.

I Have the Need, the…

Racing right along to Need for Speed Payback. We got to see Tyler, Jess, and Matt live out a scene picked right out of a future Fast and Furious movie. What intrigued me most about this title was it looked like a semi-resurrection of Burnout which was a solid title for years. The game seemed fast paced, was graphically minty, and had a neat concept of switching between a team of 3 characters to complete objectives. It will be interesting to see where this one goes.

We then saw a new title called A Way Out. This title comes from the new studio Hazelight whos developers had previously made Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It stuck out as the most interesting game of the conference. It is a true couch co-op game where you each control a separate character and break out of prison to do cool ruffian stuff! In all honesty it has a lot of promise with the slow death of couch co-op games. The presenter was also the most excited of the bunch, which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. A Way Out has a release window or early 2018.

A brief, cryptic for trailer for a game called Anthem was shown with a tag of “More to come at Microsofts briefing tomorrow” I saw what looked like a guy from Titanfall, an evolve monster outside a wall, and then nothing. Check it out below.

This is the Segment That Never Ends

Finally they show a metric assload of Star Wars Battlefront II. Now the 2015 Battlefront was graphically stunning and had couch co-op but was all online only. Now the second iteration will have a full blown story. My only question now is will it be canon? They showed off a cool new point system to get spawn in as new heroes or vehicles and a lot of new gameplay. They also promised 3 times the content and free dlc for the life of the game. This is the most important part, if Overwatch did anything right it was all free DLC. Then they went on…to more Star Wars. 25 minutes of the Conference was taken by an entire squad battle from Battlefront 2. I feel like this time could have been better served showing off new IPs or gameplay from other upcoming games.

Grading Time!

Overall I give the Conference a C. I think the time wasted on Battlefront really hampered the conference but A Way Out really redeemed them. Keep posted for the rest of the conferences here on Dashing Nerds and check out RhymesWithAsia.com/call to join the chat following each conference!


Written by: Greg

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