After Final Fantasy 15 game director, Hajime Tabata, took to Twitter recently with a poll asking about Moogle’s inclusion in the new title, fans shouted from the tops of mountains and the trees that the furry mascot should make an appearance. With the poll results around the 80% in favor mark, Tabata announced today via the game’s offical Twitter that the little critters would be making an appearance  KUPO!



Also, Tabata announced today that the Pre-beta version of Final Fantasy 15 is complete and that we should be getting A LOT of new information at the March 2016 event, including the game’s release date! What are you hoping they do with Moogles in the game? I’m hoping for the return of the Choco-Mog summon!


Written by: Scott White

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  1. Big Brother November 11, 2015 | Reply

    Everybody loves a moogle! When I ran a fan-driven FF6/Survivor crossover, Mog finished in the top 4.

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