Welcome, Warriors of Light! I come bearing tidings of great joy! Our prayers have been answered! New to Final Fantasy 14? Then you’ll also be happy to hear the news. A new adventure is coming to Eorzea!

Help The Resistance!

In the upcoming expansion, we get to travel to Rhalgr’s Reach, the capital of the resistance in Ala Mhigo, to help the resistance fighters regain control over the region. If you’ve played FFXIV, then you know about the Ala Mhigo refugees. If not, here’s a quick breakdown: The Garlean Empire suppressed their resistance and took over Ala Mhigo. Some citizens have fled their homeland to seek refuge and find a new life in Uldah and other cities. If we successfully help them, then the refugees will have their home back and can return if they wish.

Something to remember from the lore and the time frame: This is not a country that is begging to be saved, but one that’s been more or less happy with the Garlean rule for over 20 years. Those that left the country didn’t agree, nor do the ones in the resistance, but there are people that still live in Ala Mhigo that would rather stay in a country ruled by Garlean. Resistance members may face confrontation not just from the Garleans, but the citizens as well, so it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds.

What Else Is Happening?

The new expansion will increase the level cap from 60 to 70, so get ready for that level climb, Warriors! Since the level cap is rising, there will be new skills to acquire for all classes. With all these new skills coming in, they’re also revamping the battle system, including cross class skills that won’t be based on classes but on roles. There is talk of adding new Notorious Monsters that would spawn every 72 hours, meaning more fun for all the hunters out there looking for a new challenge. The inventory system will get an increase, which is awesome for some of us hoarders (I do it for the crafting). Looking for a house? Same here! There’s a new residential area being added for those that would love to have one, but we don’t know where it will be. From the mouth of Yoshi-P, “Sorry, can’t tell ya.”

This Is Huge!

From what has been mentioned, the new areas are planned to be as large as the Heavensward with a full stand-alone game’s worth of content, new dungeons and raids to explore and conquer, and new and revamped primals to stop you from completing your journey – so get ready for some new battle music! The new map areas will have flying support, but you’ll have to get it through quests (Yoshi-P did say that they will be much easier than the moogle quests). With the release of the new expansion also comes news that the support for PS3 will be dropped. There have been large numbers switching to the PS4, so the developers have decided that it’s time. They are offering a free game upgrade from the PS3 to the PS4 to help players transition to the newer consoles, but this won’t be in place forever since it is a campaign.

What I’m excited for is one new class that could be confirmed coming to Eorzea. While the expansion intel was being released, Naoki Yoshida, A.K.A. Yoshi-P, was wearing a scarlet witch T-shirt and said that this was the only hint that would be given about a new class. Scarlet witch could mean red mage, which would be a great addition into the class choices. There have been hints and rumors about two more classes that are coming, but I won’t discuss these until I know for sure what they are.


That’s All For Now

This is all that has been released to the public, but as more information comes out I shall update and write more for you. It’s time to start your preparations, Warriors!


Written by: Hero Logarin

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