Harmonix Releases New Mobile Game BeatNiks

Harmonix, who has been hard at work on Rock Band 4, announced and released an iOs and Android “game” called BeatNiks. By watching the trailer, it really seems like a throwback to the 90s toy, the Tamagotchi.

You start by creating a little amoeba looking monster called a BeatNik. You feed him, bathe him, raise him to music that is stored on your phone, and play mini games to make sure your little monster stays happy. You can also dress them up and, by playing with them, you unlock mutations. Use these mutations to change the appearance of your little dude. You can also spend points to decorate a nice little home for your monster. Using the classic digital pet model, your monster will level up the more you interact with it.

What Harmonix is doing with this no one really knows, but it’s a nice little time…slayer (haha, music pun). Check out the trailer video above and let us know what you think!


Written by: Greg

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