MTG Card of the Day: Augury Adept

G’day fellow Nerds, today’s card is Augury Adept! She is a blue and white Kithkin Wizard that wants you to gain life and draw cards (not really “draw” if we are getting technical here). This card is 3 cost and gives you a 2/2 which is a fair casting cost for this card. This card can see a lot of play in different formats whether you need card advantage or are running a life gain deck she can find a home in your strategy.

Augury Adept’s main ability depends on her attacking and dealing damage to an opponent, so the big thing here is to get her out early and make sure she can get through to do that combat damage to the opponent. When she does deal combat damage, you get to reveal the top card of your library, then put it into your hand. Revealing, in case you do not know, involves showing the card to all opponents before placing it somewhere else such as your hand. Additionally, you gain life from that revealed card equal to the converted mana cost of that card! So you get a card and life gain BOOM!
Great card, build a deck, support your local game store, and share with your friends!


Written by: Garett

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