MTG Card of the Day: Baleful Strix

Do you like owls? Do you like cards? How about a flying blocker with Deathtouch? If this sounds good to you, then you’ll love today’s card. Baleful Strix is a blue and black, artifact creature that first appeared in Planechase (2012 Edition) as an uncommon, and has since been reprinted in Vintage Masters as a rare. This alone shows how well received and versatile this card has been in certain formats of Magic: The Gathering.

Baleful Strix is a 1/1 with Flying and Deathtouch, making it not very strong to attack with, but a great defensive card against a big flyer. In addition to Baleful Strix’s defense perks, when this owl hits the battlefield, he gets you a card, giving you a nice hand advantage as early as turn two.

Baleful Strix


This creature is a good fit for any deck using blue/black due to its advantage, low cost, and abilities. This creature is also an artifact, which adds another element of versatility in decks that focus on artifacts. There are many cards that target artifacts in negative ways too, so be careful against those red decks that like to smash our toys.

All in all, Baleful Strix is a staple in most decks that work with blue and black. Unfortunately it’s not Standard, but it’s a great card for other formats that allow it.


Written by: Garett

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