MTG Card of the Day: Sangromancer

Today’s card comes to us from Mirrodin Besieged. Sangromancer is a 3/3 black Vampire Shaman with a cost of 4. Along with Flying, she has a pretty neat ability, that is, she’s a black card with life gain. You gain 3 life whenever you kill an opponent’s monster and it goes to their graveyard from the battlefield. As a bonus, you also gain 3 life when your opponent discards a card. Overall, Sangromancer can make a big impact in your Vampire decks.sangromancer

This lovely little lady (not me, the card) can boost your game with the right combo. Since Sangromancer is not Legendary, you can have up to 4 in your deck and her moderate mana cost makes her very manageable. The best combo I can think of, though, the mana costs of the cards needed is a little high. Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood pair well with this card, and most Vampires, actually.

Sanguine Bond is an enchantment that deals damage to your opponent equal to the amount of life you gain. Exquisite Blood is also an enchantment, but it is the mirror of Sanguine Bond; whenever your opponent looses life, you gain that much life. See where I’m going with this? Play the enchantments, hit your opponent with Sangromancer, and automatically win the game. Your life gain bounces between your enchantments forever until your foe is dead. What’s not to like?

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Written by: Greg

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