MTG Card of the Day: Scion of the Ur-Dragon

Scion of the Ur-Dragon

Scion of the Om-Nom Dragon is the Captain Planet of dragons. He is a 4/4 Legendary Dragon avatar from Time Spiral block, costing 5 mana (one of each color) to cast. With his ability, Scion sends any Dragon card from your deck to the graveyard and Scion becomes a copy of the card for just 2 colorless. And of course, being a dragon, he has flying, too!

Scion is a great card as commander in the EDH format in decks geared towards using his ability. There are plenty of very powerful and useful Dragons that recently came out in the Tarkir block that work wonderfully with Scion’s ability, but his ability is only the first step in making a Scion EDH deck work well. Build up your deck around the idea of Scion eating the Dragons from your deck, and then use spells or abilities to bring the Scion’s Dragon food either to your hand, into the deck, or better yet, directly onto the battlefield. With your deck running all colors, you will have plenty of access to return spells, so you will have a plethora to pick from.

In terms of good Dragons to have in your deck for Scion to munch on, Atarka, World Render is a great choice, allowing you to quickly deal a possible 12 commander damage in one hit. Ojutai, Soul of Winter will keep annoying creatures on your opponents field under wraps for a bit, and if you know you can wipe out someone, having a Dragonlord Dromoka to eat will protect you from any annoying spells your opponents may try to cast to save themselves. Even better, once you return these cards to your hand/deck/battlefield from the graveyard, their abilities will help all the other Dragons you have out!

How would you build a deck around Scion? Let us know in the comment section down below! If there is a card you would like Dashing Nerds to feature for our MTG Card of the Day, drop us a line on our Contact page!


Written by: Scott White

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