MTG Card of the Day: Venser’s Journal

Today’s card is an Artifact that gives you no maximum hand size, rather than the standard 7 limit, and gains life for each card in your hand. Venser’s Journal is a Rare (gold symbol) card from the Scars of Mirrodin block, which is the only block it has been printed in. This Artifact is a five cost which makes it a little pricey on the field, but with a large hand size can quickly make for a lot of life gained every turn.

“What a big book you have!” *wink wink

Venser’s Journal can be combined with a number of different life gain, card draw, and multiple trigger combos that can keep giving you the edge, and taking away your opponents hope of victory. One such combo is the use of Necropotence.

Necropotence is a 3 cost black enchantment that does a couple different things. First it makes you skip your draw step, but luckily the last part makes up for it by allowing you to pay 1 life to exile a card from the top of your library and put it in your hand at the beginning of your next end step. This coupled with Venser’s Journal means that at every upkeep you will gain back the life, for each card you paid life for. This works to the player’s advantage because now instead of drawing one card during each upkeep you can draw as many as you have life to draw in a single turn.

If you’re interested in any of these cards we talk about day to day or want to start your own decks, the internet is great resource, but don’t forget to support your local game store for all your MTG needs


Written by: Garett

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