MTG Card of the Day: Wild Ricochet

Today’s card is Wild Ricochet! This red instant spell packs a tricky surprise for those trying to pull off a big instant or sorcery spell. Wild Ricochet is a four cost instant spell that can be cast at any time an opponent casts an instant or sorcery spell. When the spell is cast you get to choose new targets for that target spell, and then copy that spell! You heard me right, you copy the spell as well as choose new targets for the original!

Not! So! Fast…

There are special rulings and limitations to what can be affected, and what you can do with the other spell, but are all limited to what the spell says. A few special rules to remember are that the copied spell doesn’t count as a “cast” spell, so any trigger for cast spell doesn’t trigger. Additionally, any spell that is “modal” where you choose something to happen over other effects, you do not get to choose different things other than what the original caster of the spell chose. There are others in addition to this, but ultimately a lot will come down to house rules.
That’s our card of the day! If you’re interested in making your own decks and getting involved in the community, the internet is a great tool, but nothing beats supporting your local game store!


Written by: Garett

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