MTG: Card of the Week – Duskmantle Seer (Gatecrash)

Hello, everyone! My name is Jake and I’m going to be taking over MTG: Card of the Week for the time being! I’ve been mostly a casual MTG player since Invasion block in 2001 and I’ve dabbled in constructed and limited formats here and there. My true love—as far as the game is concerned—is EDH/Commander. In my mind, it is the best format for the players to express their creativity and individuality in the game. That and I have an unhealthy addiction for making new commander decks… With this brief intro out of the way, let’s get on to the business at hand!


Gatecrash Mythic Rare. This card slices, it dices, it makes you a ham sandwich. Or I suppose turkey if that’s what you’re into—the seer doesn’t judge. Roast beef is right out, though; I think there may have been budget issues. Take a look at this guy:

Take a look at this guy:

Gatecrash: Duskmantle Seer

First and foremost, I’d like to point out that Duskmantle Seer is an incredibly mana-efficient flying beatstick (words that sound oh-so-lovely when strung together). Combine that with a table-wide Dark Confidant impression, and you have some impressive card advantage every turn. While some may be leery about giving such card advantage to their opponents, and they are justified in such feelings, Duskmantle Seer essentially imposes a life tax on opponents when they top-deck their best cards. The same happens to you of course, but hopefully you have a few ways to mitigate that drain, such as Life Gain or having a majority of low-cost spells. If you build your deck with the seer topping out your mana-curve, you’re never going to get hit for more than 4 damage at a time. I assure you, your opponents will not be able to make that same statement.


Written by: Jake Keating

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