My Hero Academia: Two Heroes — A Fan Review

This was a very good week for fans of My Hero Academia (or Boku No Hero Academia). Screenings of the anime series’ first film adaptation, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, aired globally on Tuesday, Sept. 25th. Yesterday, season 4 of the anime series was officially confirmed. And today, the third season’s finale episode aired. Maybe the movie slipped by you? Don’t worry! Why? Because All Might is here until next week, Oct. 2nd. Let’s get into why you need to see it!

Why You Should Go See It In Theatres

It’s hard for me to talk about the new MHA movie without thinking of the fans who added so much to my theater experience. I ended up going solo to see the film on a whim after work. I was not disappointed. Walking into the AMC on a weeknight, I was astounded to find the lobby packed with fans. How did I know they were all MHA fans? No, they weren’t all doing the “Naruto run” in from the parking lot. No, they weren’t screaming “I AM HERE” and “PLUS ULTRA” (okay, some did). It was the sheer buzz in the air surrounding them that tipped me off. It’s the kind of palpable excitement you feel when walking into an anime convention on the first day.

Oh, and the cosplaying helped me figure it out, too.

Fortunately, the movie hadn’t sold out (although I wouldn’t risk waiting to buy your ticket on a weekend viewing). After hitting up the concession booth for mandatory movie popcorn, I found a comfy spot in the theater between some hyper teenage cosplayers and a less hyper but certainly enthused woman who was brand new to anime. It was a treat sitting between them, diverse as the conversations were. Say what you will, but anime fans [who go out in public] make for some of the friendliest strangers. You won’t ever droll on with a weeb about the current weather. Once the lights dimmed, the chatter instantly faded.

“I don’t think I’m ready,” hyperventilated the Yaoyorozu cosplayer to my right (who was later responsible for much of the squeeing during the film).

The opening title card rolled and the audience held their breath. The theater itself took on an air of sacred silence. There was so much anticipation that I found myself cheering along as a young All Might finally flew onto the screen with that booming laugh of his.

The audience participation only grew as the movie progressed. We laughed together, rooted for our favorite cast members (all of them), and cheered on the competing best girls and boys. I’m grateful that, most of the time, the audience was very respectful and quieted down right away after their initial reaction. They wanted to hear the movie as much as I did! However, I’ve already had some friends attending other viewings complain about constant chatter. (Please don’t be that fan!)

Overall, I’m grateful my community handled themselves with polite maturity while in the grasp of SO MUCH HYPE. Watching Two Heroes together with everyone really added to my overall enjoyment, which is an experience that’s difficult to replicate outside of a convention. I’m glad I made the trip to see the movie in theatres. With that, let’s get onto the film.

What’s the Story? *Spoiler Free*

The plot takes place after episode 58 of the anime. All Might and Deku are invited to a super advanced island, I-Island, which is an isolated research spot dedicated to advancing quirks. The duo go to the island for a special hero banquet, but also to visit an old friend— All Might’s former sidekick and award-winning researcher, David Shield. David and his daughter Melissa (age 17) live on the island, dedicating their lives to supporting hero society with their research. Melissa and Deku share the same heroic passion, although Melissa takes action through her research. The two quickly bond, and Melissa gives Deku an item she created to unleash his potential. Soon, Deku finds that, in one way or another, the members of Class-1A have also made their way to the island for the banquet as well. However, the reunion quickly goes sour when villains take over I-Island’s security system, trapping All Might and the rest of the pro heroes at the party. Deku, Melissa, and a select group from Class-1A must face the villains and race to reboot the security system.

Two Heroes examines the meaning of heroism through pairs in David and Toshinori (the former partners), All Might and Deku (the teacher and student), and Midoriya and Melissa (the two young heroes coming into their own).

Note that you don’t have to be familiar with the series to follow the story, as the main events are recapped by Deku and All Might early on. (But watching the series definitely is a good idea and will have more emotional weight.)

It pretty much goes without saying that this movie is filler— it is based solely on the anime and its events have no consequence on the main story taking place within the manga. It’s important to remember that the overall point of the film is to take us on a romp with our favorite cast members while giving us plenty of the same feelings the show does. This it most certainly does. However, the movie did manage to make some self-contained twists that kept the audience guessing. 

Amazing Action

Studio Bones has done an amazing job animating series’ action, so I was pleased to see that high production value and attention to detail in the movie. I don’t want to spoil anything regarding the final fight, but Deku’s moves are absolutely stunning. The audience reacted in cumulative gasps watching him, and it makes me excited for future seasons of the series. As with the series, I could watch All Might fight all day. His animation in the film gives you a better understanding of his raw power; there are plenty of faraway action shots where you can see All Might in proportion to the whole battle. Last, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the terrifying villain in the film.

Voicing and Characters

There are so many lovable character moments in this film. If you enjoy the weekly comedy routine with Class-1A in the series, there’s plenty of that to enjoy in the movie. The characters unique to the film also deserve a shoutout. Melissa Shield, in particular, will definitely have a horse in the Best Girl race going forward. I can see the shipping fanart already trending after the film, and I’m okay with that. Melissa is a precious

This was my first time watching the English dub and I was impressed by how well the characters translate. Chris Sabot does a phenomenal job as All Might, delivering the booming, cheery voice that character needs. Justin Briner’s Midoriya/Deku sounds a little higher pitched than his Japanese counterpart, but provides a convincing performance, especially in moments where Midoriya is fanboying. Mineta’s voice was an adjustment for me with his lisp, but Brina Palencia steals the show in some perfectly timed interactions.

If you’re already an MHA fan, you’ll find many lovable, laughable moments in the film worth the price of a movie ticket. If you’re just now considering getting into My Hero Academia, go see this movie for a solid taste of the series. Now is a great time to meet other new anime fans who’re jumping aboard the HYPE TRAAAAIN!



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