New Pokémon Trailer is a Throwback to Kanto

Next year the Pokémon anime will turn 20 years old and to celebrate two decades of Ash Ketchum’s adventures The Pokémon Company has released a short trailer teasing the series next film.

Currently subtitled “I Choose You”, the short trailer doesn’t reveal much, other than the film is starring Ash with an updated version of his classic 90’s hat. Early speculation points to this film being a call back Ash’s earlier days as a Pokémon trainer, with the town the camera pans over potentially being Ash’s home, Pallet Town.

On the movie’s official website an image teasing Ash and Pikachu watching the legendary Rainbow Pokémon Ho-Oh fly towards a mountain, which may be another hint to the trainer’s humble beginnings.

 photo I Choose You Promo Pic_zpsbenslnpn.jpg

The film is slated to release in Japan on July 15, 2017 with no information on a Western release at this time.

Written by: Ryan Hay

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