News from the Nintendo Direct 3.3.16

Nintendo brought us news today in the form of a brand new Nintendo Direct! Here are the highlights.

Wii U

-Star Fox Zero is ready! Nintendo really captured Star Fox 64 in the dialogue and game play.
The levels will have branching paths that lead to other levels and different bosses that unlock new features in the game. The Fox Amiibo will also work with the game and let you use retro Fox!

-Star Fox guard is a new game from Nintendo that was shown 2 years ago at E3. Use 12 cameras that you set up in different areas to defeat enemies. With over 100 levels you can even create your own and upload them for others to play online!

-Star Fox Zero will come with Star Fox Guard when purchased at retail. Both will be available on April 22

-A Splatoon update will be launched that balances gear and weapons along with matchmaking on March 8th. Weapon updates will realease in 2 parts, the first releasing in April.

-Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 games is a thing launching on June 24th

-Super Mario Maker is now 6 months old with 6.2 million courses Thwomps can now be changed into Skewers and you can create keys and key doors. You can also create pink coins that will spawn keys. They are also adding a super expert mode that will unlock new costumes. The update will release to all on March 9th

-Atlus has announced a new game! Tokyo Mirage Sessions is a new JRPG that follows the art style of Persona and Fire Emblem and will release on June 24th

-Lost Reavers from Bandai Namco brings RPG multiplayer zombie killing and puzzle solving to the Wii U. Beta releasing in April

-Paper Mario is coming to the Wii U in Paper Mario Color Splash! Mixing the likes of Paper Mario and Super Mario Sunshine come to us in 2016

-Pokken Tournament Will release in the US on March 18th

-Twilight Princess HD releases tomorrow, but you all knew that already

-My Nintendo is Nintendo’s new loyality program, you can sign up for the new Nintendo account now and pre register for the Miitomo app


-Mini Mario and friends amiibo challenge will use all current Amiibo and give them individual powers used to complete various levels. It will come out on the e-shop May 28th.

-Super NES games will come exclusively to New 3DS on virtual console. 3 games will launch March 3rd and 3 more on March 24th and April 14th.

-Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 will release in Summer to the joy of all the speedrunners.

-Fire Emblem Fates will launch a new path on March 10th called Revelation that will let you refuse to choose a side.

-Hyrule Warriors Legends will be coming to the 3DS and will get 4 new DLC packs with the purchase of the season pass. This also unlocks a new costume for Ganondorf. There is also some extra content for the 3DS game if you own the Wii U Hyrule Warriors. Medly from Wind Waker will also be a new DLC character that you can use in battle. Hyrule Warriors Legends will be available March 25th

-Bravely Default 2 brings new jobs! Wizards use and customize spells to add strategy to the game. Catmancers learn moves from monsters and then teach them to cats for treats, the cats then use the attacks in battle. The demo will arrive on March 16th.

-Dragon Quest VII has been remade for 3DS! Fans have been asking for this for a long time now. Launch is set for later this year.

-Monster Hunter Cross is coming to the US as Monster Hunter Generations! The most customizable Monster Hunter will release this Summer.

-Metroid Prime Federation Force is still happening. Development started in 2009 with focus on online multiplayer. They had to wait until the New 3DS for the performance power to run the game. They try to explain away the absence of Samus which is really killing the game community. They still won’t announce much but they explain a sort of weight system that controls what kind of galactic marine you control.

-Rhythm Megamix will come to North America This year with over 100 rhythm games taken from all previous games.

-Kirby will come back to the 3DS! With over 25 copy abilities Kirby can now use Robobot armor that can also absorb abilities. There is also 4 player team mode and Kirby can now gain XP and level up to take on harder quests. It is also compatible with Amiibo to give Kirby new powers. There will also be new Kirby series Amiibo releasing alongside the game! Kirby Planet Robobot will come this year!

That was all for the direct. It was a lot to take in in such a short time but I’m sure Nintendo will expand on these games in the future! This is Greg from Dashing Nerds Signing off for now!


Written by: Greg

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