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5:00PM: Hey it’s Reggie!

5:01PM: TWILIGHT PRINCESS HD coming to WiiU in 2016!
-They are currently showing a trailer for it.
-Tantalus in Austrailia helping with the port
-Wolf Link Amiibo announced! Amiibo support announced
-Releases March 4th with Wolf Link Amiibo bundle

5:04PM: Tri Force heroes DLC
-New missions and 2 new outfits! Free update coming December 2nd

5:05PM:Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
-Play as 23 different Pokemon, and meet and interact tons of other Pokemon
-Comes with 3DS theme for a limited time
-Comes out Nov. 20th

-New Splatoon content, levels, and guns.
– A Vegas-like map that changes while you play, sections sink and raise into water
-Museum d Alfonsino = features revoling portions in the middle of the area
-Mahi-Mahi resort, tons of water, and water level drops during matches
-Update to with 40 new pieces of gear and Museum level comes out tomorrow!
– Splatoon Treehouse tournament coming this December and will be streamed!

5:11PM: Mario Maker
-Mario Maker portal site announced that will let you advance search for levels on PC, phones, etc.
-You can register found courses as your favorite to play in your game
-Available in December

5:12PM: AC: Amiibo Fest
– Comes out Nov. 13
-Isabel and Bigby Amiibo!

5:14PM: Mario Tennis:
-Can turn off items in Ultra Smash
-Compatible with Amiibo, Can upgrade the AI like in Smash.
-Can be used in Online doubles
-Releases on Nov. 20th

5:16PM: Xenoblade Chronicles X:
-Downloads to data packs suggested for players purchasing hard copy to improve performance
-can pre-order and pre-load game today

5:15PM: Nintendo Badge Academy
-New Free-to-Start game, to customize your Nintendo home page

Pokemon Picross
-Free to start eShop game coming early December

5:19PM:: eShop Exclusives
-Steamworld Heist coming holiday
-Fast Racing Neo coming early December, looks F-Zero like
-Typoman, puzzle game that uses words to change the world

5:21PM: Yokai Watch

5:23PM: WiiU with Smash Bros and Splatoon bundle.
-New Amiibo coming January 22

5:24PM: Games coming Early 2016
-Pokken Tournament: Amiibo card that unlocks shadow Mew-Two comes in first production copies, coming Spring 2016
-Star Fox Zero: New video showing off the Star Fox team.
-Shows off vehicles, seen these all.
-Comes out April 22nd

Mario and Luigi : Paperjam
-Battle card system, adds buffs, debuffs, and such.
-Amiibo will add character cards that will additional benefits
-Jan. 22nd!

Final Fantasy Explorers:
-Hunt monsters, learn skills and use jobs, very Monster Hunter like
-Trance will let you play as classic FF heroes!
-4 player local/wifi co op!
-Comes with all DLC from japan for free
-Jan. 26th collectors edition announced!

Fire Emblem Fates:
-Birthright and Conquest separate versions,
-Buy 1 and download the other for a reduced ost (20 bucks)
-Fire Emblem Revelation will be 3rd story as a download later on
-Fire Emblem Special Edition comes with all version and art book, coming out Feb. 19th

Mega Man Legacy Collection:
-Comes with 11 exclusive 3DS challenges with Mega Man Amiibo
-Collectors Edition comes with gold Mega Man Amiibo
-Release on Feb. 23

Pokemon RED, BLUE, YELLOW COMING ON EShop as digital titles!
-Feb. 27th! Uses nintendo wifi to trade and battle!!!

Zelda Hyrule Warriors:
-Female Link, Linkel! announced that uses duel crossbows!
-Mar. 25th

Bravely Second coming Spring 2016


-New smash character!!
-Special broadcast coming in December


Written by: Scott White

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