Nintendo Sneaks in RPG Showcase Tonight

Sneaky sneaky Nintendo. Over there, having a little press event to discuss a number of big name RPGs coming to 3DS this year, not announcing it ahead of time. Well some pretty big news came out of this little meeting. For the Bravely Default fans in North America, we finally have a release date, April 15th! Not only that, Nintendo announced a very nice Collectors Edition that will be priced at $69.99 and include the massive game, a 10-song original soundtrack and gorgeous 250-page deluxe art book. The demo, Bravely Second: End Layer – The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers was also mentioned that includes a unique story different than the one found in Bravely Second: End Layer, as well as new jobs and areas to explore. StreetPass tags and bonuses from the demo will also carry over to the main game.

The beautiful Bravely Second Collectors Edition

The beautiful Bravely Second Collectors Edition

The upcoming Fire Emblem Fates titles were also mentioned, including the unveil of a brand new custom New 3DS XL Fire Emblem Fates edition that will launch alongside the new titles, priced at $199.99. It will not include either of the titles though.

The gorgeous FE: Fates New 3DS XL.  Game(s) not included.

The gorgeous FE: Fates New 3DS XL. Game(s) not included.

There are a ton of RPGs coming to Nintendo’s small behemoth this year, with Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam at the end of the week, Final Fantasy Explorers next week, Project X Zone 2 inf February, and Dragon Quest 7 and 8 later in the year! Stay up to date with all things Nintendo and RPG here, on


Written by: Scott White

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