Pokémon Direct Announces Generation 7 Games!


Exciting news for Pokémon fans today as Nintendo revealed the logos, some art work, and a 3D model for the upcoming generation 7 Pokémon games. Dubbed Sun and Moon, trademarks were reported as early as last Wednesday in preparation for the big announcement and the logos were tracked down by some diggers.

New games means new names!

“New games means new names!”

With a global release slot of Holiday 2016, diggers will be on a hunt for any leaked information, which will mostly likely come with next months CoroCoro Magazine. This all falls in line with the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise so anything less than Generation 7 games would be a major upset.

Stay tuned to Dashing Nerds for any new info or updates and check out the screen grabs I was able to get from the video below!


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Written by: Greg

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