Pokemon Duel: The New Mobile Game from Nintendo!

Yesterday Nintendo surprised us with a completely new mobile game that launched on the same day in the US as it did in Japan. The game, while new to mobile, may not be so new to the most hardcore of Pokemon fans.

Pokemon Duel is a disc based mobile game that stretches surprisingly deep. Using the standard team of 6, you place and move characters one at a time on a game board. The object is to reach your opponent’s flag before they get to your flags, all while battling your respective Pokemon. Battling is simple. You spin discs that determine your attack and whether they hit or miss.  The disks also give you a chance to evade incoming attacks. The losing Pokemon is removed from the board, clearing a path to victory for the winner.

Off the top, there are a ton of Pokemon you can unlock through in-game booster packs earned by tournament play (against real people).They can also be paid for using diamonds, the game’s currency, which can be earned or purchased with real money. The boosters provide Pokemon of different rarity levels and strengths to fortify your team and best even the toughest opponents. Pokemon can also come with an ability that can turn the tides of battle in your favor, allowing for deep team customization and strategic composition. You can also earn items that let you upgrade your roster by leveling up individual Pokemon and increasing their chances of landing an attack instead of missing. Battle cards can also be used to revive Pokemon, boost attack, switch out someone on the board, and much more. If early indications mean anything, this is another game that could easily steal all of your free time—which may not be a bad thing, seeing the dwindling player-base of Pokemon GO.

Now, back to the throwback references for hardcore fans. When I was 8 or so, I had a physical set of Pokemon discs that could be battled much like the way of the mobile game. These have since become very hard to find but I always wondered if they would make a resurgence. Well, it looks like history will continue to repeat itself—in this case, for the good of old school fans. Have you tried out this app yet? Let us know what you think in the comment section!


Written by: Greg

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